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Knowing Where You Belong In The IT World

Most of us get confused in choosing a career for ourselves and even after choosing we find it difficult to conclude on which aspect of that career to venture into, and we most likely fall into the wrong one.

As we all know today Information Technology(IT) has developed a lot and has taken virtually almost all the part in the world, now this brings us to the question DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU BELONG IN THE IT WORLD? Life is always about making decisions.

Many of us feel Computer Science and Information Technology are the same, though used interchangeably with each other, there are many differences in these two fields.

Iloba Faith

A good way to differentiate between these two fields is that IT deals with the application of computing technology to real life processes, while Computer Science deals with the science that facilitates these applications. Companies are open to hiring students of both fields. Hence, if you have to choose a field between IT and Computer Science, you can go to the field which captures your interests.

Finally, get back to the most common and still effective decision-making technique of all: a pros and cons list. Write down all the positive and negative aspects of the dilemma, don’t let the size of your stationary limit your options!

If you feel an urge to ask advice from people with experience in a particular field, do so. But then, make your own decision.


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