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Free Browsing Subscription Code for MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel

A few months back we shared a post about cheapest MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile (formerly known as Etisalat) data plans and their subscription code or text respectively. That post is detailed enough for anyone who might want to make a comparison on which data plan to opt-in. Some friends who read through the cheapest data plans said they’ve been subscribing data plans with little benefits to them but now they have opted-out of those data plans to opt-in for one of the cheapest bundles from their mobile network service provider.

I have this regular client who each time he walks into my office will, first of all, ask if there is any free browsing code. And my usual response is No! But I guess he has it the back of his mind that someday there will be free browsing subscription code for the masses as it was back in the days. So, for this reason, I have taken out time to explain in details what the free browsing we have nowadays is like and how to subscribe it.

The way we see it comparing the data subscription now available from our various mobile network service providers to those days when we used to spend a thousand naira to buy 200MB or less. One can boldly say data is now cheaper based on the plan you choose to subscribe. And with the incredible mouth-watering data bonuses from all the network, there is absolutely no need to worry about free browsing.

Note: We consider night bundles almost free subscription since their prices are far below compared to the normal price for the data that is given. Available to be enjoyed by those who stay a little bit awake at night (12am – 4am or 5am). Happy Surfing…

MTN Free Data

MTN gives you a bonus of 500MB or 1GB when your purchase data of N1000 or N2000 respectively and it is valid for one month. Although, the free bonus can only be used at night from 12:00am.

The code to subscribe to get the free bonus for N1000 is *106# or an SMS with the text “106” to 131.

While to subscribe and receive a free 1GB bonus for N2000 simply dial *110# or send 110 as SMS to 131.

Note: All subscription listed for MTN can be activated by dialling *131# and following prompt to subscribe.

MTN Night Data Plan

Price Data Code SMS Duration
N25 500MB *406# Night to 131 12am -4am
Support: Call 180

Airtel Free Data

Airtel gives you a bonus of 1.5GB or 3GB if eligible when your purchase data of N1500 valid for one month. Unlike other free bonus, this is not tied to a night browsing usage only as it can be used during the day.

The code to subscribe to get the free bonus for N1500 is *440*161#

Check Data Balance Dial *223#  or *140# & for Support Call 111.

Note: All subscription listed for Airtel can be activated by dialling *141# and following prompt to subscribe.

Airtel Night Data Plan

Price Data Code SMS Duration
N25 500MB *321# 12am -4am
Support: Call 111

Glo Free Data

Glo claims to be the grandmaster of data and they really doing great to keep so in all their available data plans as shown below:

Glo Data Plan




Text to 127



10MB (25MB Bonus)



24 Hours


15MB +(15MB Bonus)



24 Hours


35MB +(35MB Bonus)



24 Hours


100MB + (100MB Bonus)



5 Days


800MB + (800MB Bonus)



10 Days


1.6GB + (1.6GB Bonus)



1 Month


3.75GB + (3.75GB Bonus)



1 Month


5GB + (5GB Bonus)



1 Month


6GB + (6GB Bonus)



1 Month


8GB + (8GB Bonus)



1 Month


12GB + (12GB Bonus)



1 Month


16GB + (16GB Bonus)



1 Month


23GB + (23GB Bonus)



1 Month


30GB + (30GB Bonus)



1 Month


45GB + (45GB Bonus)



1 Month

Flexi Plan

Support: Call 121

Note: All subscription listed for Glo can activated by dialling *777# and following prompt to subscribe.

Glo Night Data Plan

Price Data Code SMS Duration
N200 1GB *127*60# 60 to 12 12am -5am
Support: Call 121

9mobile Free Data

9mobile offers free data bonus on recharge and data top-up that is twice or more than the amount of data purchase. You can find their data plan and how to subscribe here.

Note: Auto renewal applies. To opt out of auto-renewal simply dial *229*0#

9mobile Night Data Plan

Price Data Code SMS Duration
N50 250MB *229*10*10# 12am -5am
N200 1GB *229*3*11# 12am – 5am
Support: Call 200

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