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How to Easily Fix ‘Can’t Install Xender’ on Amazon Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017)

No doubt, android OS is king when you talk about operating system most device like Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017) use in this mobile age that we are now. Far from just giving users that best experience they deserve when using a smartphone; Most of the applications are free compare related apps in competitor’s OS. Xender is one of the most used mobile application on Android devices. It makes it easy for users to share photos, videos, apps, files and more with no data connection required and processed with a fast speed – 10k times – better than Bluetooth way of file transfer.


Usually, essential application like Xender comes preinstalled on new Android phones like Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017) along with other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. If for any reason it starts malfunctioning (which rarely occurs) or was not added after a factory reset or firmware flashing then, you will need to get it back.


There are three ways to download and install Xender on your Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017):

1.      Before you consider doing anything else to get your Xender fully installed on your Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017), you need first of all logon to your Google account on Google Play Store. Next, type “XENDER” without double quote in the search bar to pop up list of related apps. Most times the application you are looking for will be among the first three displayed. Simply click install and wait few seconds or minutes for download and installation of Xender to be successful.

2.      This option is when you tried installing directly from Google Play Store and it isn’t working (because of your version of Google Play Services). Search for Xender using a browser and download it from a secured website directly from your Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017). After that, you will have to allow unknown source installation before installing the app.

3.      Finally, you get the app installed by asking a friend who have the version of Xender that works on your Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017) to send via Bluetooth.


After trying the above methods get Xender installed on your Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017) and it wasn’t successful. Then, you might want to consider doing a hard or soft reset or follow our guide on how to flash your Amazon  Fire HD 10 or 10 (2017)back to its factory state when you purchased it during which all the apps were functioning correctly.


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