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10 Of The Most Richest Pastors In Nigeria 2019

We have gone through much research and many sources. In Nigeria, many people have talked about the richest artist, the richest musician the richest men and women in the country. But nobody has calm done to think about this.

Who are the richest Pastors in Nigeria? There are arguments and talks which people bring up to say their pastor is the richest in the country. We cannot disclose such names about those talks because they are just rumors and nothing more. There are pastors in the country that are richer than the musician and the actor or actress you admire. They are rich and also quiet, many of you will say, yes you know them. Well, if you think you know them and our list is not accurate and you think or know which of the positions the pastors should be in, please do well to drop your comment and we will be happy to check it out and update the list if yours is correct. With no much talk let’s go down to the business of today.

10. Lazarus Muoka

This man Is one of the most popular pastors in Nigeria. Many of you would know him and many of you in the generation will not be able to know him. He’s the founder of one of the most popular missionary Church in Nigeria The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement.  His Church is said to be one of the fast growing churches in Nigeria. He’s worth over $3 million. When I mean his worth, I meant him and not his church.

9. Bishop Mike Okonkwo

For me, I will say I don’t really know this man. Many of you who knows him may be asking why don’t I know him, well that’s a talk for another day. This man did not just start out as a pastor, he was a baker before you answered to the call of the Lord. Many of you may be thinking which church does this man hold. Well, Bishop Mike is the founder of The Redeemed Evangelic Mission also known as TREM. This is one man who has the passion for the work of God. With our much research, we could not find out his net worth.

8. Pastor Gbenga Oso

Okay, this is another man I have not heard about but on my research I found you. You can imagine the rich once is actually on a low key. And they don’t look how their Bank account looks like, I’m not judging anybody or saying anything here, don’t take my words wrongly. Pastor Gbenga Oso was a pastor in Gospel Faith Mission International before he left the church and founded his own Church which is known today as Laughter Foundation Church.  His said to be a father to millions of babies, and he has helped a lot of couples in their problems. Well, that is what his Church is actually about, the name is supposed to tell you more. He’s worth over $3.5 million.

7. Pastor Chris Okotie

When I was doing my research and I saw this man, I knew his face looks familiar but I don’t really know where I have seen him before. This man is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria, which many people don’t know about. His church is located in the Lagos Ikeja. His the Founder is the church named Household of God. This is one of the pastors I love and admire because he loves music and he loves to sing. He’s worth over $12 million.

6. Pastor Ayodele Oritsejafor

Looking at his picture many Nigerians will be laughing. I know Nigerians because I am a Nigerian. Well, don’t look at the man’s face and appearance, his a rich and wealthy man, but his popularity is very low and many people don’t seem to don’t him. Well, his the founder of World of Life Bible Church with headquarters in the oil-rich Warri, Nigeria. And his worth over $15 million.

5. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Now, this is one man I grew up to know and love. When I was a kid, there was no way back then to get access to DSTV like this generations does. We had to use an antenna to get signal to our TV’s to watch any show we wanted to watch. His preachings are one of the things I love listening to after watching cartoons. His is the founder of one of the biggest Churches Both in Nigeria and outside the country names Kingsway International Christian Centre popularly known and called KICC. He’s worth over $20 million.

4. Prophet Temitope Babatunde Joshua

I grew up as a young boy to see when this great man of God started. This man is one of the greatest Men in Nigeria and also all around the world. His well knows and also popular for his good works and the helpful hand he gives to people. Although he’s getting old and cannot do most of the works he does when he goes out to see and help the needy. He normally carries bags on rice on his back just to help people and he is also known as one of the pastors in Nigeria who loves the environment, he comes out on environmental days to help out and clean some places in Lagos. He’s the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations and his worth over $25 million.

3. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

This is one pastor that is being loved not only by his church but also by other churches and other people who know him. His one of the most popular pastors in Nigeria and is also known to be very kind and cheerful. He’s not the founder of the church which is the Redeem Christian Church of God, but his the General Overseer. He’s worth over $50 million. Well, many would say that is too much for a pastor to be worth but remember his also a man like me and you.

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Well, almost everybody in Nigeria knows who is Pastor Chris as his popular called. I can remember he was the most popular pastor when a was a kid and was and still is the richest pastor in Nigeria. This is one man that is being respected all over the world and in Nigeria. His is the president of The Believer`s World Fellowship and the Christ Embassy Church. But many people know him as the founder of Christ Embassy Church which is one of the most popular churches in Nigeria, and he is a lover of Music and he loves to put Joy on people’s faces. He’s worth over $70 million.

1.  Bishop David Oyedepo

And now we have come down to the first on our list, Bishop David Oyedepo, his the founder of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, which is also known as Winners Chapel, which is one of the greatest and most popular churches in Nigeria. His said to be a very good businessman and does not depend on the church or what his members are willing to give him. He has two private Jet his wife is the owner of one of the biggest secondary Nigeria Faith Academy. His said to be the owner of one of the most popular and well known University in Nigeria and also outside of Nigeria Covenant University. His University is one of the schools in Nigeria where people outside Nigeria come to school in. He’s worth over $180 million


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