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Here is Why and When Big Brother Naija 2019 Will Hold After Election – PayPorte Insider

As we all know the big brother show is one of the most viewed tv show in the world which serves as a source of entertainment to its viewers all over the world today. It’s also a platform where a lot has been made superstars and reached their goals. Well, a lot of dust has been raised regarding this year’s edition of the big brother Naija show if it will hold or not. So many are awaiting registration, will want to give it a trial, while a lot see it as an opportunity they’ve long been waiting for. The show is known not just for its financial breakthrough for winners but also, its unique way of bringing people from different tongues and tribes together.

Well, wait no further, because the long-awaited tv show BBN 2019 is said to air after the general election and inauguration 2019 confirmed by an insider of payPorte.

It was revealed that the show has been suspended due to the forthcoming general elections said to hold in the month of February 2019, reasons being, sponsors will not want to get it involved in politics 0f any sort.

‘The show will still be aired but due to that fact it is a political year, housemates can’t be controlled with regards to their choice of words which may stir up heat politically’.

The insider added that, ‘the show is might to be a source of entertainment to viewers and not create a political or religious crisis. Nevertheless, he added, no one is hindered from practicing his/her believes but is advised not to compel other housemates and viewers too. However, Big brother Naija 2019 will be aired after the general election and inauguration 2019, expect it’. 


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