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How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the biggest social media company all over the world. Facebook started off small just as many companies did. But Facebook has grown so fast and strong. It was first known as before they change to Not to sound rude I really did not like the first name it sounded odd.

Although the company has grown so fast and has gain ground in so many places, the company still lacks a lot of things. The Company CEO, Mark has not only been on Facebook, but he went out to acquire other social media companies such as the popular picture share app Instagram and one of the most popular free messaging app now that is trending everywhere which is known as WhatsApp. The Facebook company is now the highest ranted web site on the world wide web according to Alexa but with Google still toping all the sites in the world.

Now let’s go to the matter of today, which is how you can secure your Facebook account. Many of you may be asking how can someone get access to my Facebook account when the company has assured us that our details and information’s are safe.

Well, most of your details are safe and most at times, it’s not safe at all. Let’s take you through how your Facebook account can be accessed. In the past when someone wanted to get access to your Facebook account, they play a simple trick unknowingly to Facebook and to the owner of the account the person wants to get access to. They get to send a request to Facebook saying they have forgotten their password and they cannot get access to their account again. Now Facebook will ask them to use two methods to get back their account which is through a text message to your registered sim or through your any existing mail you have that is connected to Facebook or is not even connected to Facebook. Many people have used this process to get access to many Facebook accounts. On a long run, Facebook finally found out that this was done to get access to peoples Facebook account and they send an apology to the affected users but they could not give the accounts back to the victims.

It has been a while many people are still looking for various ways to get access to peoples Facebook account but they could not. What people do now is to go to any Cyber Café and install a keylogger into their systems and what that software does is to get every word you type on your keyboard. Some other people will ask you for your phone and say they want to share music and picture, please be careful of such people. Many of them are not just sharing music’s, what they do is to go to your Facebook app and what they do is to add their phone numbers to your Facebook. Now they give you back your phone and they go home sit down and use their own numbers now to get your Facebook account.

All this process are still going on, but many people feel it as a stressful process. Now the new way is so stress-free, what they do is to forge a face ID Card and send it to Facebook saying you cannot access your account anymore. The person will send the fake ID Card with your picture and your full name on the ID Card and now they type In your full name and also send it to Facebook. This process takes Facebook like two to three days for Facebook to get back to them. These people are the most patient Human beings on earth.

Now that you know all the process on how anybody can get access to your account. Let’s take you through on how to protect your account. Please follow the steps carefully to make sure you don’t make a mistake. And if you don’t understand any process please drop your comment pointing where you don’t understand in the process to secure your account.

NOTE: this post was published for educational reasons and should not be used in any way to harm anybody. Please, we are not responsible for anything you do. We are here to educate you and not take you to the wrong place.

Step 1:

Open your Facebook app (this process is a bit different when doing it with your laptop) and go to the settings of your Facebook account.

Step 2:

Click on the settings and scroll down to “security” under Security you will see “Security and Login” now click on it.

Step 3:

If you look very closely you will be able to see “Use two-factor authentication”.  Click on it and should see “Use Text Message”, after that Facebook will send you a confirmation text message to make sure you are the one trying use the two-factor authentication.

Step 4:

After receiving the code type it and send it to Facebook. Now your account is totally secure. This process will log out all the device that you may or may have not logged in your Facebook account.

Conclusion: What does this two-factor authentication really do. When you in your Facebook account on another phone or laptop. Facebook will request from you a verification code before you can log in your Facebook account. With this even if anybody knows your Facebook account they won’t be able to get access to your account.  


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