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Richest Football Clubs In The World And Their Yearly Revenue – Top 10 2019

Football is one of the most viewed sport in the world presently. The amount usually involved in players and clubs cannot be overemphasized. Football clubs are endowed with enormous wealth yearly. To satisfy your curiosity, below is a list of Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in The World 2019.   


1. Manchester United Yearly revenue: $737 Million

Manchester United lovingly called man U or the Red Devil is a proficient football club based in Old Trafford, England. The club was created in the year 1978. The club has won several awards and is viewed as the richest football club in the world by the current list of the top 5 richest issued by Forbes.

Manchester has seen an improvement in its sponsorship and broadcast deal lately which many trusts are accountable for the current spear in the club’s revenue yearly. A total of E581.2 million was made by the club last year.

2 2. Real Madrid Yearly Revenue – $735 Million

Based in Madrid Spain is a famous football club which was originated in the year 1902 and has been around for quite a number of years (more than a century). Initially, the club was called Madrid Football club and was later changed by King Alfonso XIII to Real Madrid in the year 1920. The club is one of the three founding members of the LA Liga league and has continuously persisted as one of the top three clubs in the league. Real Madrid has been doing well in all its league and has won numerous awards.

  3. Barcelona Yearly Revenue – $706 Million

This club was actually published by Forbes to be the second richest club last year but has now dropped to occupying the third position this year. Based on Catalonia, Spain and founded in the year 1899. Loved by its fans and audience, fondly called Barca, has gotten for itself a lot of good seasons as well as league titles. Neymar was recently sold by the club at a very mouth-watering price which might be considered as added income to the club but contrarily, became a loss for them.

  4. Bayern Munich Yearly Revenue – $640 Million

Munich based German football club is well known for occupying its position in the Bundesliga, which it plays for. Added to its list of achievements are 27 national titles and 18 national cups. The club was founded in the year 1990 – well over a decade. Development and growth have been observed in the club since its formation. Last year the club recorded the sum of E505.1 million.

5. 5. Manchester City Yearly Revenue – $575 Million

The club was founded as St. Mark’s in the year 1880 and was changed to Ardwick Association Football club in the year 1887 and was later changed to its current name -Manchester City in the year 1894. The club plays in the Premier League and is currently based at Etihad Campus, East Manchester.

  6. Arsenal Yearly Revenue – $531 Million

The club is regarded as the first club from south England to join the football league, has been in existence since the year 1886. Arsenal FC is based in Islington, London and is now one of the most famous clubs in the world. Included to its list of achievements are 13 league titles, 15 FA community shields and lots more.

  7. Chelsea Yearly Revenue – $466 Million

The club is currently situated at Stamford Bridge in London, England. Originated in the year 1905 and has won several league titles such as 7 FA cups, 1 UEFA Championship cup and lots more. They became the first football club to win the first division titles in the year 1955. The club has been preferred over other especially after winning the 2016 – 2017 premier league championship.

  8. Liverpool Yearly Revenue -$462 million

Founded in the year 1892 and presently competing in the premier league is an English football club Liverpool. The club has been able to sustain itself financially and currently occupying the 9th position on the world richest football club and with its outstanding performance on the football pitch has gained them an increase in revenue commercially. Also, added to its success story is winning the European cup 5 times, 3 UEFA cups and lots more.

  9. Juventus Yearly Revenue – $442 million

Winner of 33 league title, 12 Coppa Italian titles, 3 UEFA Cups amongst others is a professional Italian football club originated in the year 1897 by a group student passionate about the sport. The club is currently based in Turin, Piedmont and plays in the Italian series.

1 10. Tottenham Hotspurs Yearly Revenue – $387 million

Tottenham Hotspurs football club normally called Tottenham was originated in the year 1882 and plays in the premier league. The club won its first title, in 1901 making it the only non- league club to have ever won the FA Cup.


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