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The Reason Behind My Hustling Spirit – LINDA IKEJI

The well-known Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji was born in the year 1980, September 19 – An Entrepreneur, writer, and former model. Her blogs are seemingly her largest project. She officially started blogging in the year 2006 and later became very active in the year 2007 up till date. She is a single mother and is now successful.

She formally revealed the reason(s) behind the hustling spirit is as a result of her parents being embarrassed over N70,000 naira only. According to this blogger Linda Ikeji, viewing her parents being embarrassed over N70,000 swore to contest poverty with all she has. Below is a note that was written by Linda Ikeji.

‘’I was only 16 when I watched my parents being insulted and a little bit of assault inclusive over the sum of N70,000 (seventy thousand naira only), I needed not to be told my parents were even more embarrassed that I was standing right there to witness the huge embarrassment. I was told to leave the vicinity after being told by my parents to leave. I left the scenario with tears rolling down my cheeks as I promised myself that no one will ever insult them again over money except there is no God in Heaven. Irrespective of the time it will take to overcome this poverty, I will fight it to the very end and with all I’ve got’’. At age 17, She started her hustle after successfully completing her secondary education.

The smile on my face today only shows my heartfelt gratitude for how far I have come, being able to actualize my dreams and promise. The smile on my face is to encourage someone out there – don’t and never give up no matter how hard it may seem. Fight with all and everything you’ve got, and someday you will definitely overcome this poverty. My earnest prayer for you is that ‘’your legit hustle pays off’’…. Amen

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