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Tokyo Finally succeeds In Making 2020 Olympic Medals From Recycled Gadgets

The 2020
Olympic and Paralympic games are fast approaching. It’s just a matter of months
before the games kick off. The Tokyo Organizers are planning to make all the
medals that are going to be used for the competition from discarded electronics
and gadgets.

to the reports from the committee, they revealed that there was “huge levels of
support from the public and companies across Japan and from national and
international athletes”. It was reportedly said that more than five million
disused phones that were handed in at NTT Docomo stores. Collection stations
were also placed in post offices and other public buildings.

The Tokyo
2020 committee says for now the medals are still on the process and medals will
be available for all the participators in the 2020 games. It is said that this
process will end March 31th and the medals for the 2020 games will be revealed
this summer for all to see. Yes, I’m really waiting to see how this will work


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