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Top 10 Best states for NYSC

Ever wondered which state would give you the best experience during your NYSC service year? Wonder no more. I’m certain that in choosing your preferred state of service one of your topmost criteria would be security, next should be a distance from your home state, state allowance, employment opportunities, cost of living and some other relevant factors.

After careful analysis, I have listed out these ten states as the best to serve as a corp member in Nigeria.

10. Abuja

Amongst all the states in Nigeria with high cost of living, Abuja has the highest cost of living. Cost of transportation in Abuja is super high, cost of accommodation is equally high and Abuja doesn’t pay corpers state allowance.

9. Cross River

Ninth on my list is Cross River also known as the paradise state of our nation. It was formerly the capital of Nigeria and is ranked the most beautiful state in the country; Rich culture and a luxurious way of living. Despite her luxurious living, the state still has a fair cost of living in terms of transportation, food, and accommodation cost. The state government pays corp members ₦3,000 monthly allowance.

8. Enugu State

Enugu state is a very good state with great security and a very reasonable standard of living except for her lack of water. The state government pays corp members serving in the urban area the sum of  ₦1,000 and those serving in the rural areas ₦4,000.

7. Niger state

Unlike most states in the Northern region of Nigeria, Niger state doesn’t strictly enforce the sharia law. The population of Christians in Niger state exceeds that of any other Northern state. Niger can proudly boast of electricity supply better than other states in Nigeria perhaps because Kanji dam is in the state.

Generally, feeding and accommodation is cheap in the whole northern region and Niger state isn’t an exception. At the end of your service year the state pays a total of ₦60,000 to all its outgoing corp members.

6. Rivers State 

The wealthiest LGA in Nigeria and one of the richest in Africa at large is housed in Rivers State, it is Obia-Okpor LGA. Rivers is one of the states with the highest cost of living in Nigeria.

However, if you can hustle very well Port Harcourt would be an exciting place to be and meet a lot of dignitries. The state security simply depends on the area you are. Transportation cost varies.

For some years now, the state government has stopped paying corpers for unknown reasons.

5. Ogun State

To start with, Ogun state has the most beautiful NYSC camp is Nigeria. The state doesn’t pay corp members, but there are lots of companies and employment opportunities for corp members.

The state houses the largest farm in Nigeria (otta farm), hence food is incredibly cheap, transportation and housing is affordable.

4. Akwa Ibom State (Akwa Ibom ayaya)

Akwa Ibom state is the most developed state in the country after Abuja and Lagos, the state government pays corpers ₦5,000 monthly. Cost of living is really fair.

3. Kano State

Kano is seen as the best  northern state for NYSC service, The state pays corp members  of the state ₦5,000 mothly, The people in Kano are very hospitable and presently, Kano is relatively peaceful although, not as safe as it were years back. It has more industries than other states in the north and the cost of living is quit affordable.

2. Anambra State

Anambra state is one of NYSC’s highest paying stateThe state  government pays corp members the sum of  ₦9,000 per month. Anambra state houses one of the largest market in the Western region of Africa.

Regarding job opportunities, Awka, the state capital, has more professional employment opportunities than other towns in Anambra.

1. Lagos state

Lagos state, the commercial capital of Nigeria hence, staying in Lagos is expensive. Cost of transportation, feeding and accommodation is very high. It is one very safe state for corp members.

Finally, the state government pays corps members posted to ministries N10,000/Month while Corpers in Local Government Offices are paid the sum of N5,000 per month.


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