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Beauty Hack To Keep Your LipStick On All Day Without ToppingUp

This tips will keep your lipstick looking as great as it did when you initially applied it.

You don’t want to wear a perfect bold lip for a date and be fond of running into the bathroom every hour to top up our lipstick in front of the mirror.

Nope, when you get glam in the morning you don’t want to have any worries about your lips fading throughout the day – whether it’s our workday, lunch with the friends, or a night out.

So this discovered nifty tips will help keep your lips looking fabulous at all times.

Here’s all you’ll need: Lipstick, lip balm, lip liner, translucent powder and a tissue paper.

Firstly Prep the lips

The greatest way to prolong any makeup applied whether foundation or eyeshadow is to prep the face properly. Add a little bit of lip balm, it will help to soften the lips as well as smoothen out any flakiness or cracks you may have, it will also help inject a little bit of moisture on the lips which will make it feel more comfortable. Any lip balm of your choice will do the magic.

Line up

The next step is to apply a lip liner of the same shade as your intended lipstick around your lips and a little inside of your lips. The idea here is just to create a very good base for your lipstick to stick to, also to help strengthen the pigment of whatever color you fancy

Blot blot blot

This is the easiest step: Once you get your lip liner on, grab a piece of tissue paper and blot off the excesses by gently pressing the tissue against your lips until excesses are neatly out.

Pull out

Once you’re done with step 3, get your translucent powder and carefully brush some across your lips using a loosed brush. This will help set the liner and stop it from growing those legs that makes it walk off your face as the day goes by

Bring in the lipstick

Take the lipstick of your choice and apply it between your top and lower liner.

Some more blot blot and blot-ing

Repeat what we did in step 3, place the tissue on your lips and firmly press down to remove the excesses – but you have to be careful not to wipe away any product.

Last brush of powder

We believe you already have the gist now, BUT just in case you do not, grab up your translucent powder again and slightly apply over your lipstick. This is the final deal sealer, and it is what will hold your lipstick all day.

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