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Ways to Stay Mentally Strong When Your World Is Falling Apart

At some point in life, everyone is bound to face certain crisis. Your relationship or marriage might come to an end, your loved one could be diagnosed with a terminal illness, perhaps you find yourself in a terrible financial condition. On and on the list could go.

No matter how rock solid your life feels, who may be or how much money you earn, in this life crises are inevitable. But, your response to crises very is optional.

One of the keys to getting through tough times is staying strong during crisis. Here’s how to remain mentally strong during a crisis:

Accept reality

When you’re faced with a terrible news, it is easy to burn a lot of time thinking things such as, “this can not be true/happening” or “this should not be happening to me”. Truth be told, this is not the time to waste your very vital resources worrying over fairness.

Accept the reality of the situation. It doesn’t mean that you’ll agree with what is going on, but it means that you are willing to acknowledge what reality is for you. Then and only then can you take any positive action.

Don’t worry about building strength right now

Do not try to build a mental strength in the midst of crisis, doing that is like trying to study your books a few minutes to your examination. It isn’t the time to worry yourself about strength building – rather it is time to put into actions the strength you already have.

Seek support

Open up to someone, talk to a friend. seek help from a professional, reach out to your loved ones. In whatever you do, ensure you ask questions, get the emotional support that could assist you and tell people what you need.

Practice self-care

It may be difficult to eat or sleep, but it’s very important to take good care of your body when you are amidst crisis. Go for a little short walk when you can, try to make a healthy eating choice priority even when you are pressed for time, and ensure you rest your body and mind.

Ask yourself what advice you’d give to a friend

Some crisis will require you to make tough decisions, so, whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or really emotional, those tough decisions may seem hard to make -especially when you need to make them fast.

Whether you may need to find a new place to live or decide the medical procedure to try to ask yourself what advice you’d give to a trusted friend. That would help to take out a lot of the emotion from the equation, which can be a strategy to making the best possible choice.

Create a helpful mantra

Figure out an affirmation that can help you throughout a negative thought, a mantra like, “I have survived tough times before I will surely get through this one too,” and then repeat it to yourself as required. This can help keep you on track so you can move forward.

Prioritize what needs to get done

When you’re faced with a crisis, you are going to most likely need to give up some things so that you can focus your most of your energy on the tasks-at-hand. Creating a to-do list will help you to prioritize what should be done. Ensure you write down things as your memory is sure to fail you at times when your stress level is high.

Find time to express your emotions

While you do not want to forever suppress your emotions, there are times you may need to regulate your emotions to help you become more productive. Shading tears in the doctor’s office might stop you from being able to ask the questions you need answers to. So also, allowing fears to take hold could prevent you from taking the required actions.

At some times you may need to quickly move forward – with little or no time to really even think about how you’re feeling. That’s ok when you are amidst an acute crisis. But ensure you make out time to let yourself express those hurting feelings–it’s a very crucial part of healing emotional wounds.

Take small steps

Crisis can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed by all the changes you may need to make, task to accomplish or situations to solve. Break them down into smaller steps and take then one by one.

 Whether you may need to sort through the belongings of a loved one after they’ve passed away or you may need to shed some really much weight to resolve a health condition, identify something that you can start working on today.

Do something that helps you keep a sense of normalcy

When you are amidst crisis you might mostly feel like the whole world is upside down. Perhaps you spend all your day sitting beside a loved one at the hospital. Or perhaps you’re job hunting from the time you wake up until you fall asleep.

Doing something that helps you feel “normal” might keep you mentally stronger. You can watch your favorite TV show, or even go for a walk, Whatever it may be, just look for one shred of normalcy.

Finally, Build Strength After the Crisis Is Over

Once the crisis is over, take out time to unwind from the stress you’ve endured. Whether that means going on a tour or even scheduling an appointment with a therapist to help you move ahead, take whatever required steps you need to help you go forward.

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