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Chuck Schumer Probes for FBI and FTC Investigation on FaceApp

Senate minority
leader Chuck Schumer inquires for an investigation into FaceApp, by FBI. Which alters
user’s photos making them look younger or older.

 In a letter he wrote on Wednesday and posted on Twitter, he said the app is “deeply troubling” with a point that personal data of US citizens could
go to a “hostile foreign power”

FaceApp has
previously denied the allegations of selling or sharing user data with third

 However, privacy concerns have been raised
about the Russian company which developed the app after it went viral in recent

  FaceApp which was developed by Wireless Lab,
a company based in St. Petersburg, says the App doesn’t permanently store images,
only uploading specific photos selected by users for editing. They also stated
on its website that it has over 80 million active users. Its CEO, Yaroslav
Goncharov used to be an executive at Yandex, widely known as “Russia’s Google”.

The app,
which was launched in 2017, made headlines in 2018 when it removed its ‘ethnicity
filters’ after users condemned them.

 Mr. Chuck Schumer has, however, asked that the
FBI and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate FaceApp.

I have
serious concerns regarding both the protection of the data that is being
aggregated as well as whether users are aware of who may have access to it, he
says in his letter.

 “Even though the company’s research and the development team is located in Russia, the user data is not transferred to
Russia” according to the statement.

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