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Tacha apologizes to Big Brother,Ebuka and Authorities, Promise to change

The 23-year old social media sensation on Wednesday, 28th August 2019 during her diary session, went down on her knees to apologize to Big Brother for disrespecting him in any way.

Big Brother had gathered the housemates in the lounge and played several videos of Tacha’s disrespect to Ebuka and fellow housemates.

While warning her, he said “the last strike will get you
disqualified from the reality show.”

This is my life, this is a huge platform and I don’t want to
be out of the house by disqualification.

I’d rather be evicted by vote counts.

“Please forgive me, I promise I will never consciously and
subconsciously disrespect you and Ebuka.

“I’m very very sorry in any type of way and I’m not trying
to defend any of my actions. My apologies to Ebuka and everybody out there and

“Please forgive me, Biggie, I’m growing and learning. The
house is a social experiment and I’m learning every day,” Tacha said.

 She also said I have talked with some of the housemates regarding my behaviour. I promise to turn a leaf.

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