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How To Bypass Google Verification Account (FRP) For: Vivo x9 Plus Without PC

Step1:Turn on your device.

Step2:Connect to a “WI-FI”
network, now make sure you insert your mobile “SIM-CARD”

Step3:Now pick another phone and call the number on the
device you want to bypass.

Note:  Slide
and receive the call from the other device you called from, now on your device
Click the “CONTACT” icon that appears
when you answer the call, now you can hang-up the call from the other device.

Step4:Click on the Plus icon “+” above your device, now it will take you to were you will add a
New Contact type in any name of your choice then click “DONE” and cancel.

Step5:Click on the contact you saved, now click on “EDIT”, now add a phone number, when
that is done click done.

Note:You will see a “Message”
icon click on it, now on your message box type” and send it,
Click on the youtube address you sent and click open.

Step6:Once youtube open’s click on the “three-dotted” icon above your device, click “setting”, click “about”,
Click on “Google privacy policy”, now
Click enter.

Step7:On the Google chrome type this URL”, locate and download Google Account Manager, when download is done
install and click done, go back locate and download “Bypass (FRP) lock”, once download is done install and open the

the top right corner of your device click the three-dotted icon on screen then
Click on “Browser Sign-in” and click
“OK”, Now you can enter your email
address and sign-in

Step9:Once you add Google account successfully
you can restart your device by pressing the “Power button” and select the “Restart”
option, then follow due process in starting up your device.

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