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BBNaija: Laycon Celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence in a Grand Style

The Big Brother star took to his social media page to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day anniversary with cute photos and touching words. 

The BBnaiaj 2020 winner wrote on his page “60 years ago, we transitioned from struggle to freedom as a Nation. We will never forget the patriotism of the brave hearts who gave life and limb to see a free Nation. May we continue to grow in true freedom, peace, unity, progress as a Nation, and love for each other as a people, casting aside religious, ethnic, or tribal barriers and remembering that, come what may, we are and will always remain One Nigeria”.

Even as we are free, may we and all at different helms of affairs in our dear country continue to lead Nigeria aright for with freedom, comes the responsibility of discipline and a need to herald the diversity that our dear Nigeria exists upon. May we all, as citizens of this great Nation, continue to strive to promote peace, harmony, unity, love in our homes, and consequently, in our dear country, Nigeria.

I am proud to be an ICON Nigerian and wish us all a Happy Independence Day. May God bless you all. May God bless Nigeria.


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