How to Flash Huawei Honor 8X or 8X Max with Flash Tool, Firmware or Stock ROM

Huawei Honor 8X or 8X Max Firmware


  • When mapping is done, a port can be used directly and does not need to be mapped again.
  • The path of the software to be loaded cannot be too deep. Otherwise, the software cannot be properly loaded.
  • Avoid touching the USB cable during the loading process.
  • Loading will erase the radio frequency (RF) NV information from a phone. Use with caution. When the loading is done, RF calibration and comprehensive tests need to be performed on the Huawei Honor 8X or 8X Max.
  • In some PCs running Windows 7, the software loading may fail at 40% of the progress because the ADB port is occupied. If this is the case, then, use the appended tool to release the ADB port, and load the software again.

Download IMAGE Software Huawei board software

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