How to Flash Huawei Honor 8X or 8X Max with Flash Tool, Firmware or Stock ROM

Download IMAGE Software Huawei board software for Huawei Honor 8X or 8X Max

To use Huawei board software after download, simply:

  1. Download IMAGE Software Huawei board software
  2. Download Tools Software & Drive
  3. Driver Installation
  4. Now, Click the USB Map, after the port mapping program is started, configure the XML file (this file is an XML file mapped to the target burned version), and then connect the Huawei Honor 8X or 8X Max to the PC using the loading fixture or by short-circuiting the test point. The port switches from HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 to the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) port. The interface is displayed after the mapping is complete. Kindly note that the power supply to the PCBA needs to be disconnected during forcible port mapping. To clear mapped ports, click Clear UsbMap.
  5. To map multiple Huawei devices at the same time, replace the USB port that connects to the PC, and map the new ports using the same method as described previously.
  6. When the mapping is complete proceed to click Done to exit the mapping window. And pen IDTML01.exe
  7. Press Icon Setting to switch to the main window of the tool.
  8. Enter Password Huawei
  9. You will need to browse DLL Model and select Model.dll
  10. You will have to browse Config File and select XML From Board File
  11. Now, click to run IDT too
  12. That’s all. It will display “Software Downloading Success”.

Download IMAGE Software Huawei board software

Download Tools Software & Drive


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