[Solved] Sonim XP8 Quick Fixing Guide for Camera, Bluetooth, SIM, Wi-Fi, YouTube and Other Issues

#2 – Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped working on Sonim XP8

There is nothing or little you can do when your Sonim XP8 becomes unresponsive due to error which shows a notice that “Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped working” which rarely occurs in Sonim devices. You probably won’t be able to run and or use any other application. When you try to launch or use other application in that Sonim XP8 it will pop up a screen that shows you the errors notice with no other option other than to press OK to dismiss that notice.

Step 1: Reboot your XP8 and quickly navigate to.

Step 2: Settings >> Apps >> All Programs >> YouTube

Step 3: Re-Enable the app and that should solve your XP8 problem.

Step 4: Or try uninstalling, reinstalling and updating the YouTube application you have installed.

#3 – Wi-Fi connection issue and fixing on Sonim XP8

Step 1: Go to your XP8 settings and press the connection option.

Step 2: Next, press the Wi-Fi option.

Step 3: Now, your Sonim XP8 will auto scan for nearby networks to join and will show them on the screen.

Step 4: After the first scan ends, tap for a few seconds on the Wi-Fi you want to connect and press the forget option.

Step 5: Again, tap that same network and input the authentication details and save it. Although, open networks don’t require any password for access.

Step 6: Be sure to confirm that your connection from your network service provider is OK and your router, if that is what you are using, is working perfectly.

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2 years ago

my sonim 8 keeps turning mobile data off by itself. when it does i can't receive text messages at all no matter in wifi or not.
the screen goes to sleep like its supposed to while i a call , but when i want to hang up or need to jump to contacts to relay info to current caller the screen won't come back on until i press the home button which hangs up on current caller.

2 years ago

does anybody know the best 64 sd card for sonim xp8800

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