[Solved] Sonim XP8 Quick Fixing Guide for Camera, Bluetooth, SIM, Wi-Fi, YouTube and Other Issues

#4 – Bluetooth connection issue and fixing on Sonim XP8

Step 1: Put off your Sonim XP8 and reboot it again to see if that will automatically solve the problem.

Step 2: Clear the list of devices already added and re-add the device you want to pair with.

Step 3: Check to be sure that your XP8 Bluetooth is set to discoverable. So, other devices can see it and be able to connect to it.

Step 4: Check your XP8 power section to make sure it wasn’t set to power-saving mode.

Step 5: Try clearing the Bluetooth data and or cache to see if it will fix it.

Step 6: Reboot your Sonim XP8 again.

If all the other options still do not fix it. Then, you might need to try a factory reset.

#5 – SIM Issue and fixing on Sonim XP8

Step 1: Confirm that your SIM is working properly by trying it on another device.S

Step 2: Check to see that you have inserted SIM to your XP8 correctly.

Step 3: Check to see that your SIM tray is not damaged.

Step 4: If the SIM is too old, then go for a SIM swap before you use it in your Sonim XP8 new device.

Step 5: Make sure there are no compatibility issues related to the frequency.

If the problem still persists, hand your XP8 over to a technician for a proper check.

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2 years ago

my sonim 8 keeps turning mobile data off by itself. when it does i can't receive text messages at all no matter in wifi or not.
the screen goes to sleep like its supposed to while i a call , but when i want to hang up or need to jump to contacts to relay info to current caller the screen won't come back on until i press the home button which hangs up on current caller.

2 years ago

does anybody know the best 64 sd card for sonim xp8800

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