[Solved] Sonim XP8 Quick Fixing Guide for Camera, Bluetooth, SIM, Wi-Fi, YouTube and Other Issues

#8 – Battery drains fast and charge slowing and fixing on Sonim XP8

Step 1: Make sure your Sonim XP8 has all the latest updates installed.

Step 2: Sometimes it could be due to the memory card also. Remove it and see if the problem is gone

Step 3: Make sure you using the authorized charger or similar charger to the one that came with your XP8.

Step 4: Turn off the unwanted notifications as they always consume extra battery

Step 5: Put off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when they are not in use

Step 6: Ensure that the battery is not physically damaged

Step 7: Ensure there’s not any lint, dust, or debris in the charging port.

Step 8: Impose a strict upper limit on the data and screen issue

Step 9: Make sure you using the brightness level as per the recommended level

Step 10: Keep the display off when not in use.

Step 11: Ensure you charge your XP8 battery only after consuming all the juice in it

Step 12: Take off your XP8 case to ensure a better charger connection.

Step 13: Check to see if all apps are up-to-date. If not, update them immediately.

Step 14: If your Sonim XP8 battery is draining too quickly, the most common factor is the installation of third-party apps. As already mentioned, you need to disable it by taking your phone into safe mode.

Step 15: Ensure that apps and features are closed when not in use.

#9 – Overheating Issue and fixing on Sonim XP8

Step 1: Remove the apps which you downloaded just before when the issue was noticed.

Step 2: Avoid multitasking if the tasks are bulky and time-consuming

Step 3: Don’t use any other charger than the one which comes with your XP8

Step 4: Keep the brightness under control. The light-emitting screen also emits heat in the equal amount

Step 5: Ensure there is no extra burden on RAM due to any reason and the processor. They release a lot of heat while performing their task

Step 6: Ensure all the accessories you connect with your device and genuine and authorized

Step 7: Clear app data and or cache and see if the problem is fixed.

Step 8: Make sure the output of the power bank is as per the device needs if you use the same

Step 9: Update your XP8 to the latest version if you haven’t

Step 10: Ensure the problem is not there due to the carry case you installed on your phone

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2 years ago

my sonim 8 keeps turning mobile data off by itself. when it does i can't receive text messages at all no matter in wifi or not.
the screen goes to sleep like its supposed to while i a call , but when i want to hang up or need to jump to contacts to relay info to current caller the screen won't come back on until i press the home button which hangs up on current caller.

2 years ago

does anybody know the best 64 sd card for sonim xp8800

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