10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls

There is no argument that men and women are beautiful in their own ways. But in a way, women seem to be the most attractive beings on earth. Women are becoming more depending and as a result of this women are also now going into power in some country. But today we are not talking about women who are in power, we are going to talk about the most beautiful girls and where you can find them.

Many people will say our list isn’t correct, but we assure you that we did our research very well and brought this list to you today. If you think our list is incorrect you can drop yours and we will take a look at it and do research on it. Today we are going to show where you can find the most beautiful girls if you are looking for a girl with class beauty and manners. Let’s go down the list.

10. India

India women are known to be very cultured and well mannered. And yes many of us may be showing Bollywood movies and most have seen this lady in this picture today. Now I know you won’t argue with me on this because India girls have this really nice complexion, alluring and expressive eyes and interesting culture that they confidently flaunt wherever they go. They take their culture anywhere and everywhere they go this is one of the reasons I love the India culture.

9. Japan

Now, we have come down to another country where the people there are well cultured and well mannered. Most of the Asia countries have the most beautiful girls but well not the most well-mannered. The Japanese women are known for their slim figure, stunning hair, milky complexion and expressive eyes.

8. Australia

This is one of the countries I always dream of going to. Australia is one of the countries with the most beautiful girls or lets me say, women. Australis ladies are one fascinating being on earth with blond hair women with a really endearing accent together with charm and appeal is what Australian ladies are made of. Although they won the Miss Universe in 1972 and 2004, they have the most beautiful ladies.

7. Philippines

When I was a kid, I will always say that I’m going to get marries to a woman from the Philippines because of how they looked so beautiful and so lovely. Just take a look at the picture above and you will see that the lady in the picture is breathtaking. Although it has been long the country won but the country has already made a streak of beauty pageant winnings in the past 3 years including a Miss International winner, Miss World and the latest a long-coveted Miss Universe crown.

6. Finland

Finland has one of the rare beautiful women. Eventually, they made it to the sixth on our list and they worth it actually. Finland ladies are regarded as one of the rare jams with their blond hair and stunning complexion together with their fit and alluring body types has always been a crowd favorite in beauty pageants.

5. Brazil

These people have one of the most good looking and beautiful women. With the shape of their ladies even in movies, they are one of the few women who are eye taking and breathtaking too. I love Brazilian ladies I don’t know why but I love them. The amazing part about this country is that it is not only the women that are beautiful and eye-catching, but Brazilian men are also on the chart here. The country just gave birth to women and men who are stunning. One thing about the country is that even the simplest and average individual in Brazil can practically be fit as model material especially in foreign countries.

4. Sweden

I don’t know much about Sweden and I didn’t know they have beautiful women of this nature. Although it has been years now since a beauty titlist from the country won a Miss Universe crown, one would definitely be captivated with the beautiful smiles of the ladies in this country as well as their white, supple skin complexion, the country still holds the most beautiful women in it.

3. Puerto Rico

This is another country I did not know about. During my research, I saw Puerto Rico I was surprised because I did not know that the country actually has a lot of beautiful and well-mannered girls in it. They are the ones we kept at the third position because women from this side of Latin America also boast of confidence and charm on and off the beauty pageant stage.

2. Valenzuela

I have heard of Valenzuela but not of their ladies. I won’t lie with what I’m seeing and the research I did in this country they really hold the most beautiful girls and ladies in the country. Just taking a good look at the picture above you will be convinced and not confused that the ladies from this country are breathtaking and stunning. What you may not know about this country is that beauty titleholders from around the world even travel to Venezuela to train and attend beauty pageant schools. And the ladies in the country train their self to make it big in modeling and beauty pageants.

1. USA

Yes, this is one country we won’t argue about that they are with the most beautiful women on earth, even without doing my research I knew that the USA will be on our list but I did not know that they will be on the first position on the list. Well, many people will say the USA does not have the most beautiful girls in it I can’t argue with you and I will leave you to still do some research of your own. But with 27 beauty pageant crowns on their belt and more than 5 Miss Universe titles to boot, USA can really be considered as a place where most beautiful girls are. With more deep research we saw that blonde haired women dominate the area but you’ll definitely adore the redheads and brunettes as well. With all this, we just have to agree that they are the most beautiful and hottest on earth.

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