10 Beautiful Places You Never Knew Existed On Earth

We are on a planet we don’t know much about. There are places on planet earth we don’t know actually exist. Some of us, as well as other tourists, have gone to so many countries while others and probably you haven’t yet.

Well, today we are going to take you through 10 places you never knew existed. We wanted to make it 20 places because we did our research and found out that there are more places on planet earth we don’t know about. In our next article, we will talk about some countries you never knew existed on earth and you have never even heard about them. Now let’s go down to the list.

Beautiful Place

10. The Sossusvlei pan’s Dune 45

Looking at this place you may be thinking, well there is nothing special about this place it’s a place filled with sand and nothing more. Okay, I won’t be the judge of that because I did my research and I found out a lot of things about this place, but I won’t bore you will much word and talk. I will advise you to visit the Namibian Dune, It is also known as the highest in the world. The beauty of the place mostly comes out early in the morning or at sunset when the heat is less and you can enjoy the feel of the place.

9. Rub’ Al-Khali (Empty Quarter), Oman

Well, this is another place filled with sand and yeah you really need to go and see how the place looks like, I promise you will never regret going there. According to the research, I did the Rub’ Al-Khali is the World largest area of continuous sand measures around 250,000 square miles and covers four countries.

8. Ushuaia, Argentina

Now, this is another place you really need to visit. This is a place where the people are very friendly and hospitality here is beyond what I imagined. As you can see in the picture above the city is around hills and also around water. The city is commonly known as the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is the jumping off point for Antarctic explorers.

7. Oymyakon, Russia

This is one place in Russia many people don’t know about. Well, yes most of the people living in Russia do not know that a place like this actually exists. The Oymyakon also know as the world’s coldest inhabited place and is nicknamed “Pole of Cold.”

6. Socotra, Yemen

This is one place I didn’t even know about. I did a lot of researches before finding this place. Yes, it’s kind of a tourist attraction. The place is becoming popular as more and more tourists come to the place each year to visit. The Island is among the most biodiverse on the planet. There are nine species of the dragon’s blood tree (seen here) on the island.

5. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Now, this is one place I will really want to visit. Going by its name I know many of you would want to visit this beautiful place in Ukraine. I never knew that there was a place like this in Ukraine. This tunnel is measuring in at roughly 1.8 miles long and sits deep in the forests of Ukraine.

4. Red Beach, Panjin, China

Well, looking at the picture above you would say that this is just a place filled with flowers and plants and you don’t see any beach around it. I will like to take your attention to the top of the picture where you see the beach. This is one of the worlds beautiful place to visit. Now let’s go in details on how come about this Red Beach. The red-hue on this “beach” is actually created by the seaweed Sueda. This red-hue on the starts growing in spring and then it stays green in summer and later on it turns this maroon-y color come fall. If you are looking for the location of this place it is actually located within the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

3. Bamboo Forest, Japan

Many of you must have gone to see many Bamboo forests in China and other places in the Asia countries. But this forest is one of the most special places to visit in Japan. The forest is located in Kyoto’s Arashiyama district sits this unique forest of super tall bamboo in Sagano.

2. Catedral de Marmol (the Marble Cathedral), Lago General Carrera, Patagonia, Chile

Now you won’t argue with me that this is one place you really need to visit. The beauty of this place only is eye taking and fascinating. Many of you may be thinking id this place really exist or it’s just a piece of Photoshop work. Well, I’m sorry it is not. The Erosion has created beautiful caverns in the marble of these mineral formations. You just need to take a small boat to see it in person.

1. Rainbow Mountains, China

We have come down to the last on our list, and yes the last is always the best, like that saying we keep the best for last. With no most talk we all need to agree that this is the most beautiful place you have ever seen. The picture says it all. It seems the most beautiful places in the world is actually located in most of the Asia countries? Well I can’t be the judge to that. The Rainbow Mountains get their rainbow name as a result of red sandstone and mineral deposits being pressed together for more than 24 million years.

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