10 Food To Eat When You Are Sick

A lot of people don’t know what to eat when they are sick and they end up eating food that may get them sick all over again and may even get worst and so on.

Doctors actually give the patients prescription of what they are supposed to eat and not to eat. But many people feel ignorant of what the Doctors tell them to do. Many people think eating junk food is fun until you get sick or you get a sickness that may affect yours for a very long time. Today we are going to show 10 foods or more you are to eat when you are sick.

10. Chicken Soup

Yeah, not everybody knows about this food but I’m here to tell you that you are supposed to eat this when you are sick. It really helps you because it contains vitamins, minerals, calories and protein needed when you’re sick. So please take this if you can’t cook it search for the preparation procedures and learn how to cook it.

9. The BRAT Foods

This is one of the food you are supposed to eat when you are not that fine or let me say when you are feeling a little sad with your stomachs like vomiting and stomach aches. This food is an anacronym for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. After taking this in about 48 hours you would be able to go back to your normal.

8. Broth

If you can’t eat Chicken soup I will advise eating a bit of veggie or beef. I know the chicken soup may look good and all but the taste is not that good from my experience. It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamin that will help you when you are sick. If you want to know more about this food you can Google about how to prepare it.

7. Garlic

I know not everybody likes how Garlic taste and smell like, but garlic does not only get rid of vampire’s but a study shows that people who eat garlic get few sicker days to people you do not eat garlic. It means when or if you start eating garlic you won’t get sick easily. I’m not a Doctor but I would advise you to start eating garlic.

6. Hot Tea

Taking or drinking Hot Tea helps a lot but many people take tea because it is sweet and fun to take. I take Tea a lot and I hardly get sick. The steam from Hot Tea helps clear the nose. A study shows that Drinking Hot Ginger Tea also helps with the state of the body, that’s why people in Asia drink tea a lot, and it’s not for fun.

5. Honey

Yeah, even your Doctor will tell you to take Honey once in a while and I’m not a doctor I only did a research and I’m telling you, you need to start taking honey if you don’t. there are a lot of people who don’t like the taste of honey, but who in his right sense will not want to taste honey even a Bee will kill for taking its Honey. It is advisable to give honey to your kid when he or she is still under the age of 12 it helps the skin.

4. Ginger

As I said before taking tea is great, but there is one tea that is greater than any tea you may ever take. A study shows that taking Ginger tea helps reduce stress and pains. It’s not a drug for pains and is not to be abused, because this day’s people abuse a lot of things even energy drinks they manage to abuse it. And try not to eat a lot of crystallized ginger as it is very high in sugar.

3. Spicy Foods

There are a lot of people who do not like when you added pepper to the food they eat or let me say many people do not like to eat spicy food but this is one of the things that helps the body but many people do not know. Spicy food makes your nose run and cleans out sinus passages, and please do not eat or try any spicy food when you have an upset stomach, it might lead to another you won’t like.

2. Coconut Water

We all love coconut and how the water taste but not all coconut water taste great that is if the coconut is not yet ready that will make the water a little bit bitter and not drinkable. But studies show that drinking coconut water helps the eyesight. It does not mean you will have to be drinking coconut water and abuse it. Remember too much good can cause bad.

1. Yogurt

This is one of the things many people don’t like drinking and I’m guilty in that aspect. Although I don’t blame people for not drinking Yogurt, because some companies these days produce a lot of unhealthy Yogurts, I will advise you to make your own Yogurt at home. If you are taking antibiotics, yogurt with active probiotics will replace all the good gut bacteria killed by your medication.

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