10 Success Rules of Billionaire Bill Gates

Wondering what self and business rules billionaire and founder Microsoft, Bill Gates sticks to for being successful. Well, here are his top ten rules for success.

#1 Have energy

#2 Have a BAD influence

#3 Work hard

#4 Create the future

#5 Enjoy what you do

#6 Play bridge

#7 Ask for advice

#8 Pick good people

#9 Don’t procrastinate

#10 Have a sense of humor

Drop comment to find out what he meant by any of his success rules. 

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4 years ago

#2 Have a BAD influence?

Karo Uruemurie
Karo Uruemurie
4 years ago
Reply to  Kerri

For Bill Gates, having a bad influence means inspiring people to drop out of school and pursue entrepreneurship like he did (he dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft). He believed he could learn more from experience than he would have learned from Harvard lectures. Now he is more successful than people with Harvard degrees.

Maro Daniel
Maro Daniel
4 years ago

#6 Play bridge?

Karo Uruemurie
Karo Uruemurie
4 years ago
Reply to  Maro Daniel

Bill Gates believes that Bridge is a very good game for the youth and anyone who is good at Bridge, will also be good at a lot of things.

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