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10 Harmful Foods We Love Eating Each Day

In the world we live in today, there are a lot of things we take into our system; we don’t actually know it’s really harmful to us. Well, I don’t know what we are going to eat again in this world. If you eat what you normally eat, you end up with a disease or a sickness not knowing it is was what you have been eating that actually got you sick.

Today we are going to take you through the foods you normally eat and you use to cook with not knowing it is toxic to our body system. Most of these foods are what we find harmless and we don’t know it is really toxic. Let’s take you through the 10 food that is Toxic to your body system.

10. Fugu

Many of us don’t really know what they call Fugu and have never tasted it, many of you may never want to taste it, for me to be on the safe side I advise you don’t take it. The Fugu is one of the best delicacies in Japan. We all know that most of the Asia countries love eating freshly cooked meals. But what they don’t know is that the liver, ovaries, and skin of the pufferfish contain tetrodotoxin. If this dish is not properly prepared it will lead to death.

9. Castor Beans

This Castor Oil was one of the remedies for any stomach pains. People use this oil for many things but there is also a wicked part of this oil. Not known to many people the castor beans contain ricin, which is far more toxic than cyanide. There is no remedy for ricin poisoning. So my advice will be to stay far from this oil.

8. Apple Seeds and Cherry, Apricot and Peach Pits

We all eat apples and cherry’s once in a while, a few other people eat these fruits like every day after eating a dish in the morning or after eating dinner. We all will agree that we have mistakenly swallowed the seeds of these fruits and we feel ignorant of what the seeds actually do in our body. Well, eating too many of these seeds are not good and is really poisonous to the body system. One thing you don’t know is that these seeds contain amygdalin. If you digest them, particularly if they are chewed, amygdalin becomes hydrogen cyanide. So maybe you mistakenly shallowed one or two of these seeds next time, well you are safe but please make sure you don’t swallow too much of these seeds so you don’t poison yourself.

7. Rhubarb

This is one of the things most people use in cooking and preparing for a lot of things. These good looking red stems are used to prepare pies, jams and many people enjoy eating it raw. It is also full of Nutrients, I know saying it is full of nutrients you are probably thinking then why is it on the list. Well, unknown to many people the leaves contain oxalates and anthraquinone glycoside. Oxalates can reduce mineral absorption and can cause kidney stones. I think this is enough to warm you.

6. Cassava

I know this will bring up a lot of arguments between most African countries. This food is not really known in the US and so many other countries, but in so countries they have other names for this food. The Cassava is a brown root food which is really tasty and good but if not properly prepared this food can be really toxic to the body.

5. Mushrooms

Since I was a kid I never liked Mushrooms, I have believed that it is not from planet earth that it was grown here by Aliens. Well, as I kid I had a lot of weird imaginations. Many cannot don’t differential between wild mushrooms and healthy mushrooms. Not knowing which is good and which is not good, the best advice I will give is not to even eat mushrooms. Not knowing which is good and you eat it cooked or uncooked this mushroom contain toxins like orellanine, gyromitrin, and alpha-amanitin and this can lead to liver failure and surely after that is death.

4. Nutmeg

This is one of the food everybody uses very well. Nutmeg is used for many occasions especially in Christmas and Thanksgiving. The Nutmeg give a really sweet taste to pies, coffee, and some other things. The Nutmeg is also good for medicinal use such as for tooth pains and muscle pains too. Not knowing to many people this food can also be abused. Taking too much of Nutmeg, it will develop hallucinations or Nutmeg Psychosis, which makes the user cries for more and this is where we say the person is at a state of doom.

3. Bitter Almonds

Many people find these nuts to be very good and tasty. I won’t argue with any of you that this nut is not good yes it is, but the nut comes in two types just as the mushroom does. There are the sweet almonds where we get our own nuts for eating and there is the bitter almonds tree which is a beautiful looking tree. The look can be deceiving. Well, the bitter almonds tree nuts contain very harmful toxic which are very harmful to the body system. It is illegal to sell or buy bitter almonds in some countries.

2. Tomatoes

When I was doing my research I was shocked as you are now. Many of you seeing tomatoes on this list will make you start thinking what than should we be eating. Knowing that tomatoes are good and very tasty it also contains solanine, an alkaloid that in high enough doses can cause gastrointestinal symptoms, hallucinations, paralysis, and death. This does not apply to tomatoes only it also applies to eggplant and potatoes. Please do not eat the stem or leaves of this food. Yes, I know every part of this food is really tasty, but to avoid too many stories do not eat it.

1. Kidney Beans

Going by the name of this food you will be a little bit scared. Kidney beans are one of the very best food to eat but everything good has its own bad side. The Kidney Beans contain lectin, a glycoprotein that causes nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. This only happens when you don’t prepare the beans very well, you don’t need all the beans to be uncooked for it to be toxic to your body, only 5 or 6 of these uncooked beans can do more harm to you.


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