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Top 10 Technological Advancement You Never Knew Animals Had First

We easily overlook the fact that we rely on great technological breakthroughs that have been primarily based on observations of raw nature. New inventions are always mind-blowing, but the question is simply how new are they?

Animals with such experience will likely think we are always a bit late to the show. But that aside, let’s try to understand the mutual benefits of evolved design. Right here are ten advancements you probably thought human got first.

#1 – Plane’s Air Brake

At the point of landing if you’ve noticed while travelling in an Airplane you would have observed small slats pop up along the wing? These slats are made to not allow the plane stalling as it slows.

The birds aren’t left out on this as they have their own awesome technology in form of tailored feathers. Their feathers are widely divided into primary and secondary feathers, with a few being key for flight and others more for display.

But then there’s nothing impractical about the feathers on the side of the wing called the “alula” (the the front fringe of the wing where a chicken’s “thumb” would obviously be).

#2 – The Sonar

For sea moving machines like ships, submarines etc to be on the safe side: navigate, track down targets underwater and avoid obstacles they are furnished with sonar. It works using emitted sound as frequency, which spreads sound waves into the surroundings.

It emits a wave that rebound off on objects it hits and go back to the sonar tool that emitted them. The sonar device then returns details including shape shape, size, and distance of the solid objects it hits. this is more useful for the navy; however, it was the whales and dolphins that invented it first!


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