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Top 10 Technological Advancement You Never Knew Animals Had First

#3 – Bioluminescence

Talking of sea creatures, our underwater friends have used pretty much to enhance their survival. Earlier before man made glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and night-lighting, fish at the down side of ocean were sparkling away for hundreds of years.

Fireflies, glowworms, and other kinds of fungi are big time users of bioluminescence to their own good. These kinds of organisms have evolved to glow inside the darkish for reasons as diverse as attracting partners, luring prey closer to themselves, alert predators to keep away from them, and reaching out to others in their species.

In biotechnology, lots of research has and is still being put to work in bioluminescence with many potential applications within planet earth. the key chemical in the making is luciferin, which doesn’t last long in its active state of light output. Several corporations are working in this issue, with the opportunity of streetlights and some types of medical approaches counting on bioluminescence in the nearest future.


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