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How to Bypass Motorola Moto E4 Activation Screen without PC for Forgotten Password

Step 13: Now dial *#*#4636#*#*, immediately you press the last key which is the star, you will be taken to the Testing screen, and there you will see a few options to choose from.

Step 14: Now choose IMS setting and when you are there, you need to scroll down until you see “Device Provisioned” now it will be off, you need to turn it on.

Step 15: After turning it on, you just need to press the power button to make the screen turn off and then press it again to wake the phone up. And you will see some notifications on the screen.

Step 16: Now swipe down and you will see the settings gear icon, press it and you will be taken to the phone default settings. Now scroll down and you will see About, press it and scroll down you will see Build Number, tap on it 7 times and you will see a message saying you are now a developer.

Step 17: Now press the back button and you will see Developer Options, press it and when you are in, you will see OEM unlocking, turn it on and a pop-up message will be shown to you just press Enable.

Step 18: After pressing that, you just need to restart the phone and wait for it to boot up again. And after the phone has restarted you can now set up the phone without been asked for any verification, but it will take time to load when it gets to Checking for Updates just wait when you get to the Google verify your account screen you will see a Skip button will appear, just press skip and you can just set up the phone like that.

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