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Even if PS5 resale prices are at an all-time low, traders are still making money

Sony has so far sold more than 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles despite continued supply issues.
It is a stunning amount, and those numbers should keep rising as the sector recovers from the pandemic.
In spite of the fact that a lot of people are still urgently looking for a console, the market appears to be improving.
Forbes claims that because resale prices for PS5 systems have fallen by about 30%, scalpers are finding it difficult to make significant profits.

Recently, PS5 resale prices have decreased.

Forbes has been informed by StockX, a secondary market for footwear, trading cards, gaming consoles, and more, that PS5 resale prices have dropped dramatically recently.
Scalpers were asking up to $1,000 for PS5 disc copies over Cyber Weekend 2020.
The price of the console as of this month is about $715 on average.
Also, prices are 10% less than they were in June.
Prices for the PS5 Digital Edition (without a disc drive) peaked at $1,000 in December last year.
Resellers are currently earning less than $700 for each PS5 Digital Edition, a 6% decline from three months ago, according to Forbes. Naturally, resale prices remain far higher than retail pricing.
To put it in context, one eBay seller called Matt told Forbes that around the beginning of July, he would easily have auctions ending at approximately $760 + $40 for delivery.
“Well, I just had one end at $709 + $40 shipping on an auction that had no bids at $729 + $40 shipping.”

In fact, Xbox One X resale prices are rising.

The pricing of the Xbox Series X has changed in another way, which is an intriguing turn of events.
Resale prices for the Xbox One X peaked over the Cyber Weekend at about $750-$800, according to data from StockX.
These costs had decreased by around 25%, to $600, by July 2021.
Yet in September, the cost of goods increased once again.
The price of the Xbox Series X consoles has increased.
It is nevertheless evident that the demand for the new consoles will not be satisfied anytime soon.
Yet, with the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, Sony and Microsoft are undoubtedly under pressure to deliver as many consoles as they can.
It will be fascinating to observe how the secondary market responds in the interim.
Will costs increase again as consumers search for consoles before Christmas?

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