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Call of Duty – Raid Episode 2: How to Climb to the Top of the Missile Silo

The new season of the game has gamers searching for the procedures to finish the raid assignments. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a fresh Episode 2 task has been introduced. Every season, the game’s creators provide a brand-new raid task, which players must execute to get some thrilling prizes. In the thrilling multiplayer game Modern Warfare 2, players accomplish many sets of objectives as well as some unique tasks.

To earn gaming prizes, gamers are constantly ready to fulfill tasks. They receive points and skins in return, both of which are quite helpful. The Captain Price Bad Boonie Operator may be obtained by winning Raid Episode 2 in the game.

How to Navigate a Missile Silo’s Roof in Call of Duty Episode 2

You’ll be in the missile silo after the recap is through. You must now ascend the missile silo. You can utilize the supplied yellow ladder to get to a higher level.

You will encounter some armored foes as you ascend. You must eliminate them; once you do, the way forward will become clear. You can see the steam flowing out of the routes when you follow them. You’ll be slower as a result, so plan accordingly.

You must climb up to another silo portion after being taken there by the vents. We’re hoping you’ll complete this quest.

The first person must engage with the person standing at the bottom and assist them in climbing up to the valve when they reach it. After ascending, you must crawl through vents to advance. You will arrive at a control panel after accomplishing this, where you must operate three red buttons. Killing the adversaries beforehand will prevent them from interfering with your interaction with the control panel. You must all engage with one of the three buttons at once to finish this process. As a result, large red vent lids will open on the left side, forcing you to hop to the opposite side. You need not be concerned while leaping.

You must again solve the leaping task after finishing this part. Once more, you must all hit the button simultaneously, but this time you must all leap to the red lid on the left and then to a fourth lid on the right. After you complete this, the yellow pipe will become visible. Use it to ascend. When you see the lid open, continue to wait at the top of the yellow pipe. Jumping on it now will reveal the platforms. You can discover the checkpoint to store your game progress after it.

You must now go down a straight road where there are adversaries. You must continue to kill them to reach the staircase. Make sure that you have plenty of ammo in your inventory. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you will find an armored box to refill your plates.

You will arrive at an open region with additional adversaries after it. Kill them, then go to the rope. Be sure to watch out for adversaries. Get to the rope now to advance to the following level. There will be a second rope, so take advantage of it to ascend to the next level. To turn off the valve that is spraying fire, you must unzip the rope first.

So, the players who will zip up the rope must ascend, while one player must remain close to the valve. I’m done now.

A Conclusion

The first job for the raid mission requires the players to get to the top of the missile silo. Every season of the game includes the release of the raid mission. Those that finish it will receive a lot of goodies. The gamers are now hunting for the procedures to finish the raid mission’s initial objective. The steps to successfully finish the first job are outlined in this tutorial. You must, however, make sure you correctly follow the instructions. I’m done now. After finishing the first task, you must finish the second task, for which we have also provided guidance. Please check it out by going to our website

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