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Nintendo could have just accidentally announced “Fortnite” on the Switch

A few days remain until the opening press conferences of E3 2018, but one of the most eagerly anticipated surprises may already have been revealed.
Some fans this week discovered a piece of code in the most recent Switch eShop update that very clearly calls out Fortnite by name and even includes, an icon for the game that will soon reside on your home screen. This discovery comes just days after a rating classification for a Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite appeared in Korea. The leak from the Korean rating board was very conclusive, but now that updates for the game are showing up on the eShop, there is no longer any question regarding Fortnite’s coming to the Switch. Fortnite will reportedly be one of several third-party games Nintendo announces at its Nintendo Direct next week, according to a little more shady leak from 4chan.
Is there a danger that the business would launch the game abruptly or during the presentation?
Although neither Nintendo nor the game’s creator, Epic Games, have officially acknowledged that Fortnite is being worked on for the Switch, an announcement now appears likely given the volume of information pointing to its presence.
The big issue at this moment is whether the game will debut at E3 2018 or whether it won’t be ready until later in the year.
On Tuesday, June 12th, at 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET, Nintendo will broadcast a live webcast of their E3 2018 presentation.
You should probably watch if you like Fortnite and want to find out whether all the rumors, leaks, and clues are true.

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