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All you need to know about the spy drama Citadel, one of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular programs of 2023

For aficionados of espionage series like myself, the time is ripe. The spy-related drama The Night Agent, one of the most popular Netflix shows currently, is another. Showtime’s Ghosts of Beirut will premiere in May, and HBO is gearing up to release The Sympathizer and Spy/Master. Moreover, Amazon Prime will release one of its biggest programs of the year on Friday. It’s Citadel, a flashy, international, and star-studded spy series that was created by the Russo Brothers’ AGBO and Amazon Studios.

However, this isn’t simply another espionage show. As the cornerstone of a worldwide spy franchise for he platform, Citadel, the program also marks a particularly substantial streaming bet for Amazon Video. In other words, in addition to the program that will soon be available on Amazon Video, offshoot series are also being developed globally. On Amazon Video, Citadel’s first two episodes will be available on April 28. Afterward, one episode will be released every week. According to reports, the show cost an astounding $300 million for just six 40-minute episodes.

When Mason’s former Citadel coworker Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci) hunts him down one night and asks for his assistance in halting the sinister global spread of Manticore, the action picks up substantially. Mason then looks for Nadia, his old teammate, and a race against time ensues to defeat Manticore all around the planet.

In addition to Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh, Stanley Tucci as Bernard Orlick, Lesley Manville as Dahlia Archer, Osy Ikhile as Carter Spence, Ashleigh Cummings as Abby Conroy, Roland Miller as Anders and Davik Silje, and Caoilinn Springall as Hendrix Conroy are all featured in the cast. Richard Madden plays Mason Kane.

By the way, I find David Weil’s work as the Citadel showrunner to be particularly intriguing because he is also credited as co-creator of the Apple TV+ program Invasion, which tells the tale of an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth via the stories of many people from around the planet.

More of the Citadel

“Like me, you worked for a group named Citadel as a spy”.

The clip, which stars Madden and Chopra, Jonas, concludes her keynote discussion with Salke. During their discussion, they covered a wide range of topics, including the next generation of women in Hollywood, global content innovation, and Chopra Jonas’ leading role in the groundbreaking franchise Citadel. Salke commented on Prime Video’s lofty goals for the series during the chat, calling it “a tentpole sort of large program that captures the attention of the worldwide audience.”

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