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Beats Studio Buds+ in the transparent color option is leaking on Amazon

Apple’s yet-to-be-released Beats Studio Buds+ wireless earbuds were just revealed by the FCC. This explains why the noise-canceling earphones’ current model sells for under $100 on Amazon. Before the debut of the Plus version, the shop must be removing Beats Studio Buds from its inventory. And as luck would have it, the Beats Studio Buds+ was accidentally listed on the same Amazon, exposing its updated specifications and transparent casing design.

The translucent design of the Ear Wireless earphones didn’t get much attention. Apple appears to be using the same design approach this year with the Beats Studio Buds+. On the day of release, the Plus version will also be offered in black and ivory. Amazon also disclosed the cost of the Plus version. We’re looking at a Beats Studio Buds+ price of $169.95. This makes the 2021 Studio Buds even more intriguing, provided that they cost less than $100.

But if you want anything other than the AirPods Pro 2 and some of the newest technological breakthroughs that Apple can make to its noise-canceling headphones, you might want to wait for the more costly Beats Studio Buds+. The $169.95 are still less expensive than the $249 AirPods Pro 2, I should point out. The latter frequently goes for less than $200.

The new earbuds will have three times bigger microphones and altered air vents, according to Amazon. Moreover, compared to the original Studio Buds, active noise cancellation is up to 1.6 times better, and transparent mode is up to 2 times better.

The Studio Buds now have a 36-hour battery life, an increase of 12 hours over the earlier models. The Plus version, like its predecessor, has USB-C charging. Given that Apple’s iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone series to switch to a USB-C charger, we didn’t anticipate any other type of charging connector. The Beats Studio Buds+ also come in XS, S, M, and L ear tip sizes and are water resistant to IPX4 standards.

We anticipate Apple will announce them at some point in the upcoming weeks, given the May 18th release date that Amazon indicated. They will thereafter be sold directly by Apple and all of its retail partners, including Amazon, at that time.

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