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Mastering One Shot One Kill: A Guide to Completing the Faction Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 DMZ has captured the attention of gamers worldwide with its post-apocalyptic setting and challenging gameplay. Surviving in a dozen different zones, each with unique objectives is no easy feat. As players progress through the game, they must adapt quickly to new situations, making it a test of skill and strategy. If you are a dedicated fan of Warzone 2 DMZ, you’re probably on the lookout for new ways to improve your abilities. In this guide, we’ll take you through how to complete the One Shot One Kill Faction Mission, one of the many challenges that await players in this thrilling game.

DMZ is a game mode where you and your squad must complete various objectives while navigating the Al Mazrah map from Warzone 2.0. These objectives range from collecting intel to defending locations against enemy attacks. The game becomes increasingly challenging as you progress through the zones, with hazards like extreme weather and enemy traps posing additional obstacles. With its unique and exciting gameplay, DMZ offers a fresh way to experience the Warzone 2.0 map. So, let’s dive into the One Shot One Kill Faction Mission and discover how to complete it.

DMZ in Warzone 2 Instructions for the One Shot One Kill Faction Mission

The long-awaited season three of Warzone 2 has finally arrived, introducing a new faction to the popular extraction-style DMZ mode. Players are buzzing with excitement about the mysterious [REDACTED] faction and are curious about their backstory and motivations. While their name remains a secret, their need for assistance is genuine, and it’s up to players to complete their challenging new missions.

Completing the Redacted faction missions is not just about ticking off tasks but also about exploring the new features of DMZ introduced in the season three update. The Secure Supplies Contract is one of the main highlights of this update, offering players the opportunity to earn extra rewards by completing a series of objectives. These objectives include locating and securing a specific item within the DMZ. Additionally, Backpacks have been upgraded with new features, such as increased storage capacity and better item protection, making them essential for successfully completing the Redacted faction missions.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips on completing the One Shot One Kill Faction Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ and the rewards you can expect for each successful mission. This tier 3 mission comprises two primary objectives and is part of the Redacted faction missions.

How to Finish the One Shot One Kill Faction Mission

To successfully complete the One Shot, One Kill mission in Warzone DMZ 2, it is crucial to board one of the trains, so make sure you are well-equipped and prepared for the upcoming battle. As you make your way towards the train, you must be tactical and ensure that you have sufficient ammunition and medkits to keep yourself going. Once you reach the train, be prepared to face more resistance as you navigate through it.

As you progress through the train, keep a lookout for a safe that houses the Train Manifest. This is a vital document that needs to be extracted via a Secure Backpack. However, the mission doesn’t end here. You need to take the Manifest to Ashika Island and locate a Buy Station, where you can trade it for an MCPR-300 Sniper Rifle. This rifle is an incredibly powerful weapon that will give you an advantage in future missions.

Completing this mission is a significant accomplishment that grants you bragging rights, a cool emblem, and a substantial amount of experience points. We hope that this guide has assisted you in successfully completing the One Shot, One Kill mission in Warzone DMZ 2.

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