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A Resurgence of The Witcher Spinoff: CDPR Officially Revives Project Sirius

Great news! The Witcher spinoff, Project Sirius, is back on track after a brief hiatus following the shelving of the new Witcher game. CD Projekt Red took the time to reassess the direction of the game, which was originally intended to be a multiplayer experience catering to fans of the Netflix series. However, it appears that we’ll have to wait until after The Witcher 4 release to delve into this exciting alternative vision of one of the best RPG games.

CD Projekt Red confirmed in an investor report on May 11 that they have finalized a new framework for Project Sirius. The project is being developed by The Molasses Flood, based in Boston, a studio owned by CD Projekt and known for its stylish post-apocalyptic adventure, The Flame in the Flood.

In light of this announcement, CD Projekt Red also disclosed that approximately 2.7 million Polish Zloty (equivalent to around $650,000 or £520,000) has been written off as part of the development expenditures for the project in the first quarter of 2023.

In addition to the write-off of 2.7 million Polish Zloty, CD Projekt Red has decided to reallocate a further 21.5 million Zloty (approximately $5.17 million or £4.13 million) from the original development expenditures for Project Sirius. According to CDPR, this decision was made based on the already developed elements of the game by The Molasses Flood, indicating that the rework will build upon existing assets. However, it remains unclear how much the final project will resemble its original design beyond visual similarities.

While the specifics of the revamped Project Sirius are yet to be revealed, CD Projekt Red is currently occupied with other projects. The release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is on the horizon, followed by The Witcher Remake, which aims to enhance the first game in the series with updated gameplay and visuals. However, both of these releases are scheduled to arrive after The Witcher 4.

In the meantime, there are plenty of captivating fantasy games available to explore. If you’re looking for immersive worlds to delve into, check out the best fantasy games. Alternatively, you can look forward to exciting upcoming games in 2023 for some highly anticipated titles that will be available sooner.

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