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Gmail Rolls Out AI Feature to Write Emails on Your Behalf

Google I/O 2023 placed generative AI in the spotlight, showcasing how Google is integrating this technology into its range of products to enhance the user experience. Among these products is Gmail, which has now become even more exciting and helpful with the introduction of generative AI. Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s AI-infused Gmail.

Bringing Smartness to Gmail with Generative AI

Gmail was initially launched by Google in 2004 and has since become an indispensable tool for millions of users worldwide. Over the years, AI has gradually made its way into Gmail through features like “Smart Reply” and “Smart Compose.” However, Google is taking things to the next level by embracing the power of generative AI. Let’s welcome the “Help me write” feature.

With “Help me write,” you can harness the potential of generative AI not just when composing new emails but also when crafting replies. Imagine receiving an email informing you that your table reservation has been canceled, and as compensation, you’re offered a voucher. However, what you truly desire is a full refund. In such a scenario, you can effortlessly request Google’s generative AI to compose an appropriate response on your behalf. Simply provide the AI with a prompt describing your requirement and hit enter.

Instantly, a draft of your request will be generated. The AI will comprehend the context of your prompt and extract pertinent information from the email in question. You have the flexibility to modify the draft, making it more relevant to your specific needs. Moreover, if you wish to increase the persuasiveness of your email, you can even ask the AI to generate a more compelling message to help you achieve your goal more effectively.

By leveraging generative AI, Gmail has now become smarter and more efficient, empowering users to compose emails with greater ease and precision. The integration of this cutting-edge technology within Gmail represents yet another step forward in Google’s commitment to enhancing user experiences through AI.

Gmail now offers the ability to compose AI-infused emails. Let’s say you’re applying for a job and unsure about the tone to use when reaching out to the recruiter. By clicking on “Help me Write,” you can generate draft emails based on your prompt input. This powerful feature allows you to create customized emails for various scenarios with the assistance of generative AI.

During Google I/O 2023, Google confirmed that the “Help me Write” feature was initially available for limited Trusted Testers in March. Now, they are expanding the Trusted Tester Program by more than tenfold. Currently, this program is accessible in the United States under the “Labs in Google Workspace” banner, and we can anticipate a global rollout by the end of the year.

Another Google product benefiting from AI capabilities is Google Maps. With the integration of generative AI, Google is taking Immersive View, which was introduced last year, to new heights. This enhanced feature, known as Immersive View for routes, allows you to experience your entire journey visually even before setting off.

Immersive View for routes in Google Maps provides a high-fidelity 3D-mapped experience of your selected route, enabling you to visualize each segment along the way. Additionally, you can access real-time information such as air quality, traffic updates, and weather conditions. Leveraging AI, the system can even predict changes in weather, traffic, and air quality over time based on current data. The rollout of Immersive View for routes will commence in 15 cities later this year, including London, New York, Tokyo, and San Francisco.

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