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Introducing Roku’s Affordable Home Monitoring System and Enhanced OS Updates

Roku is expanding its range of smart home offerings by introducing an affordable and comprehensive home monitoring system equipped with new devices. The Roku Home Monitoring System SE is designed to provide all the essential components necessary for ensuring a secure living environment. It includes two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a wire-free keypad, and a hub integrated with a siren. Users can opt for self-monitoring or subscribe to professional 24/7 monitoring services.

Mark Robins, VP of Roku Smart Home, expressed his confidence in the new home monitoring system, stating, “Roku’s latest offering delivers peace of mind with an incredibly simple setup process, convenient control options, and efficient monitoring capabilities.” He further added, “We take pride in expanding Roku’s Smart Home lineup with affordable and user-friendly solutions that enhance the safety and security of every home.”

Here are the key features of the Roku Home Monitoring System SE’s new products:

  1. Two entry sensors: Receive instant notifications on your mobile device whenever a door or window is opened, closed, or left ajar.

2. Motion sensor: Stay informed about any detected motion in your home by receiving notifications or automatically activating a designated light. The system also includes a pet-friendly setting that allows you to exclude pet movements from triggering the light.

3. Hub with a built-in siren: In the event of an emergency, the hub can promptly alert both the household and the surrounding neighborhood with its audible siren.

4. Keypad: Effortlessly arm or disarm your home, switch between different modes, or manually activate the alarm using the user-friendly keypad.

With the Roku Home Monitoring System SE, safeguarding your residence has never been easier or more accessible. Enjoy peace of mind with this affordable and comprehensive solution from Roku.

The Roku Home Monitoring System SE is available at a price of $99. Users have the option to subscribe to Professional Monitoring at a monthly cost of $9.99 or an annual fee of $99.99. However, early adopters can take advantage of a special offer that grants them a 50% discount on the annual plan for the first year.

In addition to the home monitoring system, Roku Smart Home products offer the Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE, an advanced lighting solution capable of displaying up to 16 different colors simultaneously. Furthermore, there is the Roku Outdoor Camera SE, which features a wire-free design powered by a Solar Panel.

To further enhance the user experience, Roku has improved the integration of its operating system with the smart home ecosystem:

  1. Monitor home from TV: When the Roku Home Monitoring System SE is armed and a sensor is triggered, users will receive on-TV notifications and see an alarm countdown.

2. Access camera event history on your TV: The Roku Camera app seamlessly integrates with connected cameras and doorbell devices, allowing users to view their camera event history directly on their Roku-powered TV.

3. Voice control for Roku Smart Home devices: Users can now use their voice to control lights and smart plugs, and even display live camera feeds on their Roku-powered TV screen. This can be achieved by speaking into the Roku remote or using the Roku mobile app.

Roku continues to enhance the integration and functionality of its smart home products, providing users with a seamless and convenient experience in monitoring and controlling their home environment.

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