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League of Legends Pride Backlash Sparks Resolute Response from Riot Games

Controversy often surrounds massive multiplayer games like League of Legends, and the recent public response to the game’s Pride backdrop is no exception. Some fans argue that Riot’s support for queer players during League of Legends Pride is being imposed on everyone or is seen as “advocating an agenda.” It’s not surprising that the developers swiftly addressed the bigotry.

Alex Quach, a producer at Riot Games, has spoken up in response to the backlash from certain players following the introduction of League of Legends’ 2023 Pride backdrop, and he didn’t hold back. One of the questions Alex addressed was how to obtain the background, clarifying that it can be acquired by equipping the relevant icons during the event window.

However, it was the second question that garnered the most attention. In response to criticism about the team “altering” the identities of characters, Alex stated, “We didn’t. You assumed straightness.” I appreciate this direct and straightforward response.

In his final reply, Alex concluded the FAQ on a positive note. He addressed whether the 2023 backdrop for League of Legends Pride includes all of the game’s queer characters, confirming that it does not. He suggested that we shouldn’t assume any characters left out are necessarily straight.

As a bisexual woman who is part of the gaming community, it always saddens me to witness fellow players reacting with such misplaced hatred to positive representation. We, as queer individuals, love games, we exist, and we deserve to be seen. It’s disheartening that the inclusion of straight characters rarely raises an eyebrow, while any hint of same-sex attraction is met with accusations of pushing an “agenda.”

I commend Riot for swiftly addressing the bigotry within the League player base. Those who are unaffected by these issues may not realize how meaningful it is for many of us to see strong representation in major games.

While the situation continues to unfold, it’s essential to take a break from the drama and stress by exploring some of our other favorite MOBAs that can provide a positive and exciting gaming experience. Additionally, you can delve into the latest League of Legends patch notes to learn about Riot’s added buffs and changes, allowing you to stay informed about the game’s ongoing development.

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