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The Fast-Paced Boomer Shooter Makeover of Doom 3.

I’ve pondered the potential for a Doom 3 remake in the past. The game boasts impressive environments and captivating enemy designs, particularly the imposing zombies. Plus, the P90-style sub-machine gun adds an element of thrilling enjoyment. However, when compared to the original Doom and other iconic FPS games, Doom 3 struggles to fully assert its value. It lacks the fast-paced, exhilarating sensation that defines the chaotic fun of id Software’s series.

But now, everything has changed. Thanks to an extensive new mod, Doom 3 has undergone a remarkable transformation into an ultra-quick run-and-gun boomer shooter, reminiscent of both Doom 2016 and the original 1993 version.

Runner’s Doom 3, created by modder ‘Rulesnote,’ embraces a straightforward premise. The developer poses a simple question: “Are you tired of Doom 3’s sluggish and easy gameplay?” If your answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ then Runner’s Doom 3 is precisely what you’ve been yearning for. This mod amps up the monster count, provides an abundance of ammo, and revamps the Doom 3 arsenal to deliver a blistering, non-stop shooting experience rather than a plodding corridor shooter.

Gone is the need for reloading, and your movement speed has been significantly increased. Furthermore, the double-barrel shotgun, previously exclusive to the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack, is now accessible throughout the entire campaign.

Notably, the mod also introduces substantial changes to enemy behavior. Imps now charge at you while launching their fireballs, nimbly evading your attacks. Mancubi can now move and shoot simultaneously, intensifying their threat. Revenants rain down more rockets than ever before, and Cacodemons zip through the air at greater speeds while boasting a new biting attack.

If your accustomed approach involves standing your ground and mowing down hordes of enemies, prepare for a paradigm shift in strategy. In Runner’s Doom 3, it’s all about agility—running, jumping, sprinting, and employing circle strafing techniques—because failure to do so will result in being ruthlessly torn apart.

With the mod, expect a bit more bloodshed, and the weapons have been repositioned to the center of the screen, reminiscent of the classic Doom experience. Additionally, sections of the campaign have been trimmed and streamlined to maintain an unrelenting pace. This rendition of Doom 3 embodies its purest essence, focusing entirely on the thrill of running, gunning, and slaughtering demons. The complete mod is available for download right here.

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