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WhatsApp Beta Introduces Long-Awaited Multi-Account Support for a Single Device

According to reports, WhatsApp is currently introducing multi-account support for a single device, alongside its ongoing release of multi-device support for iPhone and Android users. This new feature, initially discovered by WABetaInfo, is currently in development and can be found in the Android beta version While primarily aimed at WhatsApp Business users, there are indications that WhatsApp Messenger will also incorporate this functionality in a forthcoming update.

The provided screenshot displays multiple accounts accessible on a single device, with the option to add additional accounts. WABetaInfo clarifies that when you set up an additional account for the first time, it remains stored on your device until you choose to log out, ensuring that you can effortlessly switch between accounts whenever desired.

This upcoming multi-account feature will prove especially beneficial for individuals who require separate accounts to manage their personal conversations, work-related chats, and various tasks. With this functionality, there will no longer be a need for a second phone solely dedicated to a work messaging app, as users will be able to seamlessly switch between different accounts, ensuring that one phone number doesn’t interfere with the other.

While WABetaInfo mentions that this feature is still in the developmental stage, certain details remain unknown. It is yet to be revealed how many phone numbers can be added, how the behavior of the inactive account will be handled, and when the feature will become available for both iOS and Android users.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain: this multi-account support will greatly assist countless users who rely on WhatsApp as their primary messaging app for managing various aspects of their daily lives, be it work-related matters, personal communication, or any other activities they engage in.

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