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Dead by Daylight Introduces Long-Awaited Solution for Disconnecting Players

Dead by Daylight is an incredibly captivating horror game that continues to provide thrilling experiences, constantly introducing new characters and regular updates. Excitingly, Behaviour Interactive has even more captivating content in store, including a range of balance changes and thrilling new features. Recently, the Dead by Daylight developers shared an update on the upcoming additions, offering insights into character adjustments and major news about the introduction of AI-powered survivor disconnect bots. This addition comes as a much-welcomed solution to the persistent issue of disconnected survivors in DBD.

During a live stream back in May, the developers initially announced their plans to introduce Dead by Daylight survivor disconnect bots, alongside some anti-camping measures. Now, they have unveiled that the update including these bots is on its way, ensuring that “any survivor who disconnects will be replaced with an AI substitute.” To ensure transparency, the devs mentioned that “everyone in the match will be notified that a bot has taken over.” While disconnected players will still face the usual penalties and lose any accumulated rewards, this addition aims to improve the overall experience.

The DBD developers also emphasized their commitment to enhancing the quality of the AI-powered bots through regular updates. Additionally, they are introducing a “successful report” feature to provide players with assurance that their reports have been reviewed. In the next update, players will notice a notification window upon logging in, informing them if their reports have resulted in a ban. This message will also include details such as “the date of the player’s ban and the reason for banning.” This change aims to address player concerns and eliminate uncertainty regarding the impact of their reports.

Among the notable adjustments is the rework of The Onryo. Cursed Tapes have become more treacherous, requiring players to make strategic choices when deciding whether to take one. Furthermore, changes to Projection have been implemented to facilitate easier spreading of Condemned while using the power in a more intuitive manner. It’s not only Sadako who is receiving tweaks, as general updates are also planned for other formidable killers, ensuring a spine-chilling experience for all players.

One of the most significant changes in the upcoming update is the alteration to hook grabs. As announced by the developers, “grabs from unhooking survivors” will be removed. This means that players will no longer have to engage in a cat-and-mouse game with the killer while attempting to rescue their teammates. However, it’s important to note that the killer will still have the ability to hit survivors twice before they can escape, requiring players to make a trade-off between their own safety and saving a fellow survivor.

In response to the frustrations expressed by killers, brand-new parts will also undergo a rework in the upcoming update. When a brand new part is installed, survivors will face a challenging skill check. Successfully passing the skill check will reduce the charges required for the generator by 10, consuming the add-on in the process. This adjustment will slightly reduce the effectiveness of regression perks that are based on the generator’s total charges.

The upcoming update will also introduce various balance changes to perks, tweaks for killers, and a balance update for Coldwind Farm maps to ensure that survivors are not overly empowered. For a more detailed understanding of the smaller gameplay changes, you can refer to the full developer update notes available on the DBD website.

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