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EA Sports FC 24 Cover Faces Online Criticism

EA Sports FC 24 has recently unveiled the front cover for its upcoming sports game, symbolizing the separation between EA and FIFA. However, the reception to the cover has been less than favorable, stirring up a wave of negative reactions online. Despite the anticipation for EA Sports FC to deliver a gaming experience on par with its FIFA predecessors, the front cover itself has failed to impress.

As EA Sports FC 24 prepares for its release later this year, the series formerly known as FIFA is generating a buzz by gradually revealing details about the game. As a part of this process, EA has released a glimpse of what the Ultimate Edition cover will entail. Unfortunately, the design has fallen short of expectations, resulting in a substantial amount of criticism and mockery across various online platforms.

Featuring a lineup of 31 renowned players from around the world, including notable names like David Beckham, Marcus Rashford, and Erling Haaland, EA has chosen a different approach for the cover of EA Sports FC 24. Departing from the tradition of featuring a few players on the cover, EA has emphasized that despite the name change, the game still retains the majority of licenses it had during its FIFA era.

This strategic decision allows EA to maintain a sense of continuity with the classic FIFA games, thereby minimizing any potential confusion arising from the rebranding. However, the issue lies in the visual execution of the player faces on the cover. While it’s important to note that these are not in-game models, the overall appearance of some of the faces has received significant criticism. For instance, Andrea Pirlo’s expression in the top right corner has been described as vacant. Although a cursory glance might not reveal glaring flaws, a closer examination or extended focus on a single face exposes some unsettling aspects. On a positive note, the new in-game footage showcases considerable improvement, suggesting that EA Sports FC will deliver a satisfactory visual experience in motion.

Indeed, it is worth acknowledging that Marcus Rashford and Erling Haaland’s representations on the cover have received relatively positive feedback, displaying a higher level of visual appeal. However, it remains true that several other players facial expressions appear peculiar or awkward. It’s important to note that the cover in question is specifically for the Ultimate Edition, indicating that not every copy of the game will feature the same set of players.

While the selection of players may vary across different editions, the issue concerning certain facial expressions remains a point of criticism. This observation suggests that the visual execution of some faces could have been improved for a more consistent and appealing overall cover design.

While it’s true that the facial expressions on the cover may not accurately reflect the final product, it remains to be seen how the overall game will be received. Nonetheless, the current facial expressions have evoked mixed reactions, ranging from nightmarish to comical.

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