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Exclusive iPhone 15 Design Leak: Rounded Edges, Action Button, and Titanium Body Unveiled

As we eagerly anticipate the iPhone 15 announcement just around the corner, we’ve been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of some intriguing iPhone 15 mockups. Among them is a fascinating comparison between the highly anticipated titanium Pro Max variant and its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Excitement builds as we explore the potential enhancements and design changes in the upcoming iteration of Apple’s flagship device. Stay tuned for more updates as the iPhone 15 unveiling draws nearer!

Recently, a series of captivating images surfaced on the Korean Naver blog, courtesy of the reputable user yeux1122, known for their accurate Apple leaks. These images offer an extensive view of all four anticipated models of the iPhone 15: the Pro Max and Plus variants boasting a spacious 6.7-inch display, along with the regular and Pro versions featuring a 6.1-inch screen.

This exciting leak aligns with the insights shared by DSCC analyst Ross Young, who speculated that Apple plans to introduce the Dynamic Island feature across all iPhone 15 models. However, the highly anticipated ProMotion and Always-On technologies are expected to remain exclusive to the Pro series, adding an extra layer of distinction and innovation. As we eagerly await the official unveiling, these leaks and expert predictions keep the anticipation soaring. Stay tuned for further updates on the remarkable features and advancements that the iPhone 15 is set to bring.

Although the mockup images do not showcase the iPhones turned on, they do provide valuable insights. Notably, all four iPhone 15 models feature the same Dynamic Island cutout, as depicted in one of the images. Moreover, intriguing comparisons between the current iPhone 14 models and the upcoming iPhone 15 models can be observed.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out with its even more rounded edges and titanium body, which imparts a less glossy finish compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. An interesting addition is the presence of the rumored Action Button, potentially replacing the traditional mute switch. On the other hand, contrary to earlier rumors, there appears to be no unified solid-state volume button, indicating that this feature may have been abandoned for future iPhones.

These mockup images provide tantalizing glimpses into the design changes and potential refinements of the iPhone 15 lineup. While we await the official announcement, these leaks continue to fuel speculation and anticipation regarding the forthcoming features and innovations Apple has in store for us.

The information shared by Twitter user ShrimpApplePro regarding thinner bezels and curved edges in the iPhone 15 Pro models aligns with the details revealed in the mockup images. This design shift draws inspiration from recent iterations of the Apple Watch, further enhancing the sleek and modern aesthetic of the upcoming devices.

In addition, the Korean Naver blog yeux1122 supplements this claim with another image, showcasing the evolution of the iPhone display from the iPhone X to the forthcoming iPhone 15. This visual evidence bolsters the anticipation surrounding the design improvements and enhancements expected in the upcoming release.

With the iPhone 15 series anticipated to be announced in September, the technology community eagerly awaits further information and confirmation. As always, BGR remains committed to delivering comprehensive coverage of the latest rumors and developments as soon as they emerge. Stay tuned for the most up-to-date insights on Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 series.

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