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The Mastermind, Dead by Daylight’s Popular Killer, Takes a Break

Dead by Daylight is an endlessly captivating horror game that keeps players hooked. Whether you’re exploring the diverse range of maps with your closest companions or teaming up with strangers, the game guarantees a thrilling experience. The developers consistently provide updates, and the latest one has just been released. However, like many content updates, this release introduced a few bugs that the developers promptly addressed.

One of these bugs has affected The Mastermind, a popular killer introduced during the Resident Evil collaboration. The developers took to Twitter to announce that The Mastermind has been temporarily disabled due to a bug in the recent update. They haven’t disclosed the specific details of the bug causing this issue or the anticipated duration of The Mastermind’s unavailability. However, they reassured the community that the killer will be re-enabled once the issue is resolved in an upcoming patch.

To address the problem swiftly, the developers utilized one of their latest tools—the Kill Switch. This new feature empowers the team to temporarily disable problematic characters, cosmetics, items, maps, or offerings that are causing severe gameplay issues. While the Kill Switch is active, the disabled elements cannot be selected or used. For example, if a specific map is identified as the source of a bug, it will be automatically removed from the rotation, preventing players from choosing it even in custom games.

For additional information on the Kill Switch feature and the current list of disabled elements in Dead by Daylight, you can access the Kill Switch list provided here. It offers detailed insights into how the feature operates and what the developers have currently disabled within the game. It’s understandable that players would appreciate more updates and information from the developers via Twitter to stay informed about the current situation. While some fans may be delighted to see The Mastermind gone, it’s important to consider that many killer enthusiasts may feel differently.

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