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Kim Oprah’s Candid Confession: Cross Holds a Special Place for Everyone

After the intimate moment between Cross and Ilebaye the previous night, a noticeable shift in dynamics has emerged within Biggie’s house, especially regarding the relationship between Kim Oprah and Cross. Previously, they had been inseparable ever since Kim Oprah’s arrival, and Cross had openly expressed his fondness for her while chatting with Ilebaye. Could this sudden change be attributed to the unexpected kiss?

Kim Oprah now finds herself grappling with a sense of isolation. Following a yoga session, she confided in Pere, sharing her confusion about his apparent avoidance of spending time with her. Pere’s explanation revolved around his belief that Cross was already taking care of her. Kim Oprah pointed out that Cross was generally sociable with other housemates, which often left her feeling deserted.

This conversation prompted Pere to take action. He made a concerted effort to be by Kim Oprah’s side throughout the day. Not only did he compliment her attire and appearance, but he also pitched in with household chores like dishwashing and shared meals. Pere and Kim Oprah even sat in close proximity at the dining table and joined Prince Nelson in various games. In a lighthearted moment, Kim Oprah successfully convinced Pere to serenade her with a song.

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