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X is set to introduce a groundbreaking feature that empowers users to sort profiles

X has been undergoing significant transformations at a swift pace, sparking extensive discussions about the potential benefits or drawbacks for the community. The most recent development, however, is widely regarded as a positive and innovative concept.

Currently, when encountering a new user on X (farewell, Twitter), it’s common to navigate to their profile page to gain insights. This involves reading their profile description, gauging their follower count, and perusing through their recent posts (farewell, tweets). But what if you’re interested in viewing their most exceptional posts?

This is a gap that X is actively addressing. Designer Andrea Conway recently shared a sneak peek of an upcoming feature designed to enable users to organize posts on a profile page. Presently, a user’s profile page exclusively displays their latest posts. Consequently, for those exploring the user for the first time, their most recent content takes precedence over showcasing their top-performing posts.

This concept holds significant merit. When evaluating an unfamiliar user and deliberating whether to follow them, having access not only to their latest posts but also to their most widely appreciated content would be highly beneficial. This comprehensive perspective could enhance your understanding of the user and enable you to make an educated decision about whether to extend a follow or not.

While the precise launch date of this new feature remains undisclosed, if we consider the trend of previous feature releases, it’s possible that it might appear unexpectedly one day, with minimal promotional efforts, perhaps even receiving attention from figures like Elon Musk. A recent instance of this pattern is the introduction of the ability for Twitter Blue subscribers to conceal their verification badges.

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