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Cross and Angel Rekindle Their Friendship

In Season 6 of BBNaija’s Shine Ya Eye edition, Angel and Cross, two housemates, found themselves entangled in an intricate relationship. Their bond encountered numerous challenges, primarily due to the attention Cross received from several other female contestants. Despite their efforts to sustain their friendship beyond the Biggie’s house, they fell short, leading to a revealing confrontation during the season’s reunion. Today, they have chosen to openly address the lingering issues between them.

Angel has accused Cross of being distant in their connection. After a task sponsored by Oraimo, Angel, and Cross had a conversation in the garden. During this discussion, Angel expressed her perception that she consistently supported Cross throughout their friendship. She pointed out instances where she provided financial assistance, meals, and emotional support whenever he needed it. Conversely, Cross appeared to have a recurring pattern of being unavailable when it was his turn to reciprocate these acts of friendship. In an attempt to gain clarity, Angel asked about any significant acts of kindness he had shown her as a friend. Although he mentioned a gesture on her birthday, he struggled to recall any significant deeds.

Angel also revealed that she felt uncomfortable with Cross’s reluctance to acknowledge their friendship publicly. She found it puzzling that he wanted to keep their connection hidden, as, in her view, they were just friends with no need for secrecy. Cross defended his position by explaining that he was trying to understand the dynamics of their relationship. However, Angel interpreted this as an attempt to portray himself as a “golden boy,” a perception she and another housemate, Saskay, seemingly shared.

In summary, during their time on BBNaija’s Shine Ya Eye Season 6, Angel and Cross navigated a complex journey marked by uneven reciprocity and misunderstandings. The aftermath of their interactions became evident during the reunion, prompting them to openly confront and discuss their disagreements.

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