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Mass Convictions Follow France Riots: Justice Minister’s Report

Approximately 2,000 individuals in France have faced convictions in connection with the widespread unrest ignited in late June following the tragic police shooting of a teenager during a traffic stop near Paris, according to Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti’s announcement on Tuesday.

The minister had previously called for a “swift, resolute, and methodical” response from the judiciary to address the most severe urban disturbances the country had witnessed since 2005. Many courts expedited trials for the accused.

During an interview with RTL radio, Dupond-Moretti disclosed that out of the 2,107 individuals who faced trials, 1,989 were found guilty, and 1,789 received prison sentences. “I urged the judiciary to act decisively, and they did,” Dupond-Moretti emphasized. “This was about reinstating law and order.” Furthermore, the minister revealed that 20 judicial facilities were vandalized during the four nights of clashes, incurring a cost of five million euros ($5.4 million) for taxpayers.

The unrest erupted on June 27 after a police officer fatally shot a 17-year-old youth of North African descent during a traffic stop to the west of Paris. The riots were eventually quelled through the deployment of approximately 45,000 security personnel on successive evenings, including elite police special forces and armored vehicles.

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