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[Solved] How To Fix Sony Xperia Z1 IMEI Unknown Problem

Here is how I repaired IMEI number problem. I received one Sony Xperia Z1 having some issues with the mobile network. It keeps searching for network and the phone won’t show the IMEI number in the phone status (Setting => About Phone => Status).

Most times this might have occurred after installing custom ROM for your android mobile which deletes your IMEI file.

If you have made a backup before the installation you can restore it without having any network problem after setup.

Steps on how to repair IMEI number problem:

  1. Switch of your phone, take off the battery and check the IMEI number at the back.
  2. Write it on a note cause you need it during the fixing process.
  3. Turn on the cell phone.
  4. Open dialer and type in *#*#3646633#*#*
  5. When typing the last from the above command it will automatically take you to engineering mode where you can fix this problem.
  6. Next select “CDS Information”.
  7. Select phone 1 option and type in the code EGMR=1,7,”” or select it from the drop-down option.
  8. Now type in that IMEI number in between the double quote (” “). e.g EGMR=1,7,”000000000000000”.
  9. Then click SEND AT COMMAND button.
  10. Reboot your phone and the problem is solved.

To confirm the changes go back to your phone settings, about phone and check the status again.

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